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  1. jonnybischof: Do you also use digital current control(page 24 in the datasheet) like the UM2 or only the POT for setting the current? And do you thing that the INDEX pin (pin 21, page 33 in the datasheet) could be used to detect skipped step? And do you have heatsinks on the chips?
  2. Dintid you are welcome to write a PM to me too in Danish. I have ordered some DACs to implement software current control in software like the UM2 if it has any interest.
  3. SkinnyChicken: The two chips are not pin compatible so no it is more complicated than that (redesign of the mainboard)
  4. SkinnyChicken: the steppers drivers are soldered on the Ultimaker 2 mainboard so it will rather difficult to replace them. Ararax: not sure if there is any improvements with the new forum.
  5. Just finished installing the SilentStepStick on the X, Y and E axis. I can confirm that it is not necessary to remove the CFG2 jumper. It is sufficient to open the MS1 and MS2 jumper on the Ultimaker mainboard. I would be nice if ataraxis could update the first post, but it look like he is yet another casualty of the new forum. It is very impressive how much the noise is reduced with the new drivers. Certainly a plus for the WAF. Another thing, to get the 1,2V I had to adjust the sense resistor to 8,6 kOhm resistance between VRef and Gnd
  6. Is it really necessary to desolder the CFG2 bridge? From what I can see from the Ultimaker schematics opening the MS2 jumper will leave the CFG2 pin floating as it is not pulled to ground (only MS1 is pulled to ground).
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