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  1. Now I have tried building a mosfet-controller for the on/off of the bed and I still get a big dip in the heat reading when the bed activates and a big jump up when the bed stops loading. Is there anyone that has an idea on what I can do to make this not happen? Or any idea of where I should search for the error in temperature reading..
  2. Yes. I have solder the 4.7kOhm resistor there. I tried measure it (though while solderd) and got 4.7kOhm through it also, so I think that part should be ok. I power it with a switched power supply (this one: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/250W-24V-Small-Volume-Single-Output-Switching-power-supply-for-LED-Strip-light/628583985.html ). Though I had to take it down to 20v instead of 24v or otherwise it hit the limit of 10A.
  3. Hey. I bought this kit from eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Heated-Bed-Kit-for-Ultimaker-Reprap-3d-Printers-MK2-PCB-Aluminium-plate-/161157442118?ssPageName=ADME:L:OU:GB:3160 (There is a "primitive" wiring description on the bottom of the page. And yes, I know it uses a relay instead of MosFET. Will change that later! :wink: ) Now to my problem. Whenever my Ultimaker needs more heat on the bed and starts it, the temperature on the nozzle plunges about 6 degrees. This is REALLY annoying and I can't really figure out where the power thief is that is. Is there anyone out there that has any idéas? Regards, </Jonas>
  4. I added some images to my original album with my first "real" print with the dual extrution!
  5. Yes.. But does it make any difference if I do that or just set Cura to new x/y directions and make the left extruder a bit higher than the right..
  6. I accidentally mounted the first head in the right position (most towards the back).. And when reading the guide I should have the right (second) head a bit higher than the first?! Would it be possible for me just to have the left a bit higher (as this is my second head) than the other one? Or do I need to switch place on these two (I think i just can switch cables though)? Regards </Jonas>
  7. Just wanted to say that I have now successfully installed my Dual Extrution Kit and got it fine tuned with just one print.. Though I mounted the heads in "wrong" order.. So the first head is to the back instead of the front as it is in the installation instructions. Don't believe actually that it matters..
  8. Hey. I printed a part and had accidentally loaded in another part on to the table that was very much lower print (that is why I did not see it in Cura before export to SD-card). When the print of the first part was done, it went to the middle and printed those two/three layers. Then it homed itself over the newly printed (correct sized) part and got it stuck between the build-plate and the hot end. The first part it printed was the part it should print that was placed just above the home-area and the small faulty part was in the center. Some code to "home" the head safely should be done. By lowering the Z so the head can move over the tallest object. Regads, </Jonas>
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