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  1. Will there be a zip or tar file for this new version of Cura? I run it on Linux but not debian.
  2. I installed the new linear bearings. There was a bit of disassembly involved. Which is why I hadn't replaced them for two years. There is no play at all! I installed them as suggested by someone on another post here. I put them in with the bearing lines in a cross configuration. 12 and 6 as he said. Interestingly, the bearing that had the worst play was installed in an X configuration. I will have to see if any play develops over time. I have printed a couple of test objects and they look great. I have to print something I think will really show an issue and see if my problems are gone. Mike
  3. I went through and checked everything also. Motor screws, pulley set screws, installed belt tensioners, made sure head screws were tight, short belt tension. Calibrated my steps for e. Installed the extruder tension bearing mod. The only thing left is the linear bearing play. Here are some photos. The last two are to illustrate that some prints with the same slicing settings come out perfect. I seem to have trouble with print that have circles and curves. The curves do not have fill to the edges. I have to see. I have other prints I will have to dig out that may help. Mike forgo
  4. How did you resolve your most of your issues? What were the things you found? I will take some photos and post. Mike
  5. Daid, Do you still have excess play in your linear bearings? I've had the same issue with my linear bearings for quite a while now(over a year). I have new bearings and was going to replace them. I was wondering if you replaced yours and still have issues with play. Also, I have printing issues with non organic objects like you had mentioned in a post. I tried tightening my belts but still have these problems with fill not touching the walls in places. Did you ever resolve these problems? Any help would be appreciated. I don't want to go through the trouble of replacing the bearings if I wil
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