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  1. Has anyone else experience a dramatic increase in the time Cura takes to 'Prepare' files for printing? Mine used to take around 1 minute for an average sized file but since the update the same file takes around 20 mins
  2. Hi, I am having problems producing solid parts - even with 100% fill selected it makes voids in some of the sections. When choosing 100% fill what should the wall thickness be set to? To my mind if you select 100% fill then wall thickness becomes irrelevant or am missing something??
  3. Excellent - Win7 snip works great Thanx
  4. Hi - Is it possible to generate screenshots from Cura once the file has been 'prepared' for printing? I have had a bottle cap with thread designed for me but once it has been 'prepared' the walls have hollow sections in them - I need to show my designer
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