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  1. Additional I had some other prolmes at TweakAtZ in combination with two extruders... Unfortunately here it is not the plugin I'm searching for...
  2. Hello! As you all know its a fact that PVA is very expensive and when you print it too long it going to jam the nozzles. The next thing is that the printing with a second extruder lasts much longer than with a single one. Most of the time I only need the support material at maximum 10% of the layers... So it would be nice if either: - Cura realizes when the second extruder is not longer needed for support material and then stops printing with it (reduces the temperature and does not longer print the primetower etc. anymore) OR - if there would be a little plugin where I can set up the lay
  3. Ja... hab ich... nur zu heiss... damit war dann mein Druckkopf im A... Und hab gestern erst meinen neuen bekommen. Somit hab ich leider noch keine guten Referenzwerte... Ach ja: immer sofort danach mit reichlich PLA "nachspülen"... bleibt da n bisschen drin und wird zu heiss, is der Druckkopf teilweise richtig schnell unbrauchbar!
  4. 300km would be ok too... but not much more...
  5. Test versions of that would be great! Tried Ooze shield + Support Material instead but the problem was that I was not able to get it off the print anymore... was such a strong combination of the materials!
  6. A bigger wipe&prime tower or a brim around the tower would be nice because a lot of time the tower is wiped away.
  7. I've got a question to that: If I would print with the old support material method and then with the new: at what of both methods do I need more material? If it will be a lot more at the new method it would be nice if you would include a check-button because PVA is not that low priced! By the way: would be nice if you would integrate a second filament setting price/kg to calculate the real price! The cost for PLA was about 30Euro /kg and PVA was 60Euro / 1/2kg...
  8. Hello! I'm using Cura 13.06.4 at the moment. Is it possible that support structure is not printed with a second color at this moment? I am using PVA and selected "support type - everywhere" + "support dual extrusion". If I thave a look at the layers everything look fine but when I want to print it at the Ultimaker it does only one colour. It heats up only one head too... Whats wrong here? Or is the current version not working with this?
  9. Welcome! Well... I ordered one too... Wanted it because of printing with PVA (filament that disapears in cold water). Theres a point at Cura to set it up but it prints with the first colour ignoring this... The first prints I made was a cube with some layers white, some green to set up the correct x,y. The original setting was not a 100% nice! My second print was this testprint (but my notebook cut the connection to the printer): Green was not printing nice but its a nice result anyway.
  10. Morgen und willkommen im Forum! Hab deinen Eintrag zwar am Freitag schon gelesen, konnte mich aber erst nicht anmelden und dann bin ich leider nicht dazu gekommen... Naja... Nähe is relativ... bis zu dir sinds 22km ^^ Von meiner Arbeitsstelle zu dir sind 26km... Den Ultimaker hab ich jetzt seit über nen Monat und ich bin immer noch am Feineinstellen ^^ Hatte 3 Wochen Urlaub und in denen ist der jeden Tag gelaufen... Seit ich wieder am Arbeiten bin (ca. 3 Wochen) und ich noch nebenbei ne kleine Nachtflugshow (Modellflug incl. kleines Feuerwerk) plane, die am 06.07. funktionieren soll, ste
  11. ' Well not in my case... It should have been 15mm and the print was 14,67mm
  12. Is there no way to let the printer automatically print a bit bigger? For example changing a value in the firmware or in cura?
  13. Is there no way to configure the printer (eventually cura etc.) to print automatically the right size?
  14. hmm this is a posibility for simple objects but well... it's no nice solution complex ones ^^
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