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  1. Try Cura 13.04! There you can set the % of the bridge speed. To print a bridge slow works for me the best. Im waiting for this feature for a comeback in every new Cura version...
  2. We just need the so often requested bridge setting from cura 13.04 in the actual version! There are so many parts with bridges where I can´t use the new and awesome version of cura -.- But it seems that the developer doesn't see the importance of this feature...
  3. It´s off-topic... but because you mentioned the 13.09 PreRelease and I looked into it. Please add the bridge speed settings from 13.04. - it´s so essential. Good work... keep ist up! thanks maxtex
  4. many thanks! now its working
  5. no one got problems with the plugins?
  6. Hi guys, just wanted to ask if you got problems with the plugins and the new version of cura which is quite awesome!!! I use "Tweak At Z" to change the temperature. My first layer is at 230° and the others at 175°. Since the new version this plugin isn´t working anymore.
  7. Hi, it would be awesome if you could tune the "joris" funktion to work not only on 1-2 wall models. I always get an ugly scar if I print with 4 wall llines (1,2mm). http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/600/img1324r.jpg/ (cant get the picture to work :S) thanks for your great work!
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