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  1. Oop. I used one post to ban the user and remove that one, however I assumed the others (made by a banned user) would automatically become invisible. I should've checked, because obviously this is worse content than your average spam design. :S Thanks again for noticing...
  2. Hi all, These Liberator designs have been removed. They had slipped through the cracks. Thanks for reporting them here. Even though this eventually reaches us, it might not be the quickest way, we have created a private Telegram channel to directly remove spam posts. The channels gives a quick preview of each new post and has direct buttons to "Spam it" or take a closer look. The buttons in the channel will then directly update to reflect that it's been spammed and you can undo this. If anyone wants to help combat spam and designs like this, we would sure welcome this. Of course we would like to explain it a bit before we do this. E.g. a person can mute the channel and we can discuss in this channel to ensure someone is "on duty" but not everyone in this is distracted with each new post (I would argue: in today's day and age, attention is one of the most scarce resources). To reach me, you can e-mail me at ym - at - erikdebruijn.nl. If you're already on Telegram you can use @ErikDB there. Of course, don't feel any obligation to volunteer for this, but know that it is appreciated and probably saves time to catch spammers and "problematic" designs/posts.
  3. I agree. On the other hand it would reassure a lot of people more if Ultimaker would be able to organize a patent sharing pact with the other good guys in the industry .... IIRC there are a few others 3D printing companies with us who have joined the OIN. Aleph Objects, UltiMachine, Type A (?).
  4. Unfortunately this is already a reality. Ignoring the matter and not making a statement is not a sustainable practice. While these are not easy choices to make, we appreciate your understanding. We want to make a much greater impact tomorrow than we do today. Your support helps make this happen.
  5. I designed and printed lots of things that were practical. Door stops, holders for baby monitors, window drapes, etc. etc. Most useful: And e-Nable hand for a 6 year old girl in the neighbourhood. Apart from that, curtain holders: And for the sake of recursion, it's fun to know that Ultimakers have been made with the help of printed parts, even from the earliest beginnigs: A label dispenser that has helped bootstrap the company (and keeping the dull task of making kits a bit more fun: Another one of these tiny prints saved me and my girlfriend many many hours of work: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/wire-twisting-tool (see the video and you'll see why doing it by hand would have sucked). And a few sets of RepRap parts for RepRap Darwins and a Huxley. A part that would otherwise be 30 euros+ but now cost less than 2 euros and a bit if fun designing it: EV plug holder (on YouMagine):
  6. Great talk! I can see the Ian passion is no less to last time we saw each other! Good thing you embedded this here, so many more people could now watch this than were in the room. I think you make a lot of good points about the importance of a community to a company. Thanks for sharing your experiences from Pixpast and Ultimaker. Only thing that you didn't mention is that it's really motivating for the people in your company that the people in the community aren't just order ID's but actual people you can interact with. It's not just the other way around. I also appreciate how you remind us to not repeat our mistakes. We certainly need to. But don't think we aren't learning. Anyone has to be able to make mistakes to learn, otherwise you stand still. And standing still means becoming irrelevant. Learning from other people's mistakes is the only thing that works even better. Also, I really like how you made the drawings. I started appreciating good drawing skills now that my little daughter is born, but I still have to do it more to become better at it. In that sense it's not different than 3D "drawing". Practice makes perfect! Take care!
  7. Hi @xeno! Thanks for reporting this. We've updated our filters to be more strict and include a few more terms. This "episode" spam will now also get unpublished automatically and the accounts that made them get blocked.
  8. Thanks for posting this separately. I think the importance of a good search engine cannot be overstated. From what I gather is that: some context information is lost when changing page through pagination. Results aren't being ranked according to relevance. Is that correct? For YouMagine we've developed our own ranked search that weights the title higher than the abstact, higher than the description, etc. Tags are between the title and abstract. We might be able to use a similar technique here (and possibly the same search engine). Relevance is quite a subjective thing. I guess you would want to factor in several things and place weights on them. E.g. Occurence of keywords in title keywords in original post inverse of the age of the topic keywords in replies @peetersm (or anyone else for that matter), anything that would still be missing that will determine relevance?
  9. I have THF. Nasty stuff you need to be careful with, but I'd like to see what it does with PETG...
  10. Version 1.0


    I printed this hand for a girl in our neighbourhood. She's as cute a 6 year old as you can find. She has one hand with, and the other without fingers. We printed here a "new" hand that she can now show off to people. Immediately she could pick up and hold things. Her range of motion was still quite limited. When the physician that was treating her changed the Velcro straps, she could really use it much better. You can go to https://e-Nable.YouMagine.com to generate customised files for this design. Also, sign up at http://enablingthefuture.org to help a hand!
  11. Ik had om de ronde pot van binnen onregelmatig te maken een lang legoblokje van 1 breed vastgemaakt met hot glue. Simpel maar doeltreffend. Maar als je al weet dat je wilt kunnen polijsten kan je natuurlijk ook in een duurzame opstelling investeren. Ik wilde het voor mezelf bevestigen voordat ik zoiets kocht. Conclusie: het werkt.
  12. You need to use a version of your username that shows up in the address bar when you go to your YouMagine profile. For example, if my screen name on YouMagine is "Erik de Bruijn" it would show /users/erik-de-bruijn in the address bar. Take the part "erik-de-bruijn" and put that into your signature (obviously using your own username instead).
  13. Ik heb zelf een tumbler gemaakt van Lego NXT, prima om even mee te experimenteren. Er draait een Heinz tomatenpuree pot rond op 3 wieltjes. 1 is aangedreven en de andere twee zijn 'ilders'. Inmiddels hebben we een officiële tumbler op het (Ultimaker) kantoor, aangezien de methode "bewezen" is. En de Lego opstelling zal waarschijnlijk voortijdig slijtage oplopen, wat ik weer zonde vind. Polijstmedium bij mooie resultaten is schroeven en het doffe resultaat was met "officieel" polijstmiddel (keramisch). Mijn theorie is dat je juist de zachtere kunststof er een beetje vanaf wilt abraderen terwijl je het metaal overhoudt (dit is wat slijtvaster, dus dat blijft dan over).
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