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  1. as for the heated bed this would be really usefull otherwise it's almost impossible to make really large prints
  2. thanks for all the information, It's really usefull, what are your thoughts about Ultimaker will release an official heated bed, will that happen you think ? A
  3. is there someone who can mill for me the a metal bed for ulitmaker from steel? I'm willing to pay reasonable amount A
  4. hi, I really like the casing, are you willing to share your cad files ? best regards
  5. labory

    kill switch

    https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8f4ksuJTUb9MzN6bFJQeGFGLVU/edit?usp=sharing it's where the red dot is right ? thanks in advance Aster
  6. labory

    kill switch

    so its not on pin 0 then ? as i read on some blogs
  7. Hi, i'm trying to make a kill switch with the 'M81 power off' command is this still in the latest version of cura ? because i can not get it working Regards Aster
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