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  1. Yesterday I looked at an previous design of UltiArjan: the U2RS_TopPlate.stl.this is part of the Ultimaker2-rail-system. The object does showup in "normal view" of Cura 15.02.1, but in "layerview", the mounting holes do not show up. Because this is a design that already exists several months and is printed by others, I decided to try an older Cura-version. In Cura14.12 the holes do show up, so my expectation is that this might concern a bug in 15.12.1? regards, Harry
  2. Hi Ian, Looks very promising. How do you think about the idea to have an adjustable tension? (the PLA might wear out after some time) Harry
  3. Are we really sure we are tackling the right issue? We all know from experience that the UM2 can deliver good results, however for some strange reason sometimes underextrusion happens. As an example, I printed a box yesterday which was perfect for the first 15 mm height, after that the walls were extremely underextruded. No problem in the feeding mechanism at all to be found. Today I printed a small variation of the same box and it came out perfect. The difference was that the first box had internal chamfering up to 15 mm. and above that only 1mm (!) walls. With a 0.4mm nozzle it might be
  4. Hi all, I do not know what the problem is with benkly. Since May 2013 I use CURA on my win8 laptop and since the 8.1 update was available, I updated to that. The only problems I have encountered were related to graphics drivers. This was all solvable. So the issue has probably nothing to do with win 8 nor win 8.1.
  5. After the previous attempt I installed the firmware on my ultimaker original. this worked fine. Just to be sure i did another attempt on the UM2. this time it succeeded!. So no worries. It has been solved magically.
  6. I installed Cura 14.01 Tryed to install new firmware for Ultimaker2, but after hitting "install now", the printer restarts? leds flip off and on, and Cura reports "failed to write firmware" 'Timeout'. What to do?
  7. Hello, I just completed the installation of the dual extrusion kit. some additions to the documentation: 1- please add to the buildinstructions SandervG's remark he gave earlier in the CURA preference section: Posted 23 August 2013 - 03:12 PM You may also want to make your build platform 1cm smaller (Cura > Preferences > Max depth 195) 2- please emphasize the settings for the offset for X and Y: my default settings after installation of the new firmware were: X=-21.6 and Y=0.0; which had to be changed according to the buildinstructions to X=0.0 and Y=21.6. N.B. calibration f
  8. Hi Daid, Cura opens up in win8 at the moment, Hower i have had quite some abends saying pytonw stopped working. This happens at the moment i want to view the layers. If i just forget about the layers and save the gcode to SF, everything is ok. Harry Binnema
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