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  1. Hello, The brown peek part is still intact, and i did use a tap to make it just that little bit bigger, else it was just impossible to get it all the way in. Now i could see the brass part from the other side, before i could not. (for as far as i remember) I made a small print and it looked fine, because i didnt have time. I could do a bigger print today. I dont know about the pulling force Gr5, didnt test that. How do i do that? Just to make sure thats fine. And Illuminart i have such a clip on the material feeder, but not on the extruder, maybe i have to put one there aswell, if it fits
  2. I have disassembled the extruder, and indeed there was a little blob in the brown PEEK part, with more oil and 2 pliers its fitting properly now, so i hope this helps, ill assemble my printer again, ill let you know if it helped. Thanks again.
  3. Depending on how long you've had the printer, you might want to open a ticket with UM support as well. There were several cases in the last few months of PEEK parts having missing or imperfect threading - maybe that was why you weren't able to screw the brass tube in all the way? I think this is the case, i had to use oil and 2 pliers, and scared of breaking the brown PEEK parts, well you know the feeling when something is not fitting properly. I will disassemble it and try to get it all the way in, and if i break it, i have to order a new one/or, send a ticket to UM. Thanks for the help. I
  4. Hello. Well now you mention it, how did you screw the brass tube in the brown PEEK part? I have turned the aluminum block 180 degrees so there is more space between the block and the Fan mount, is that also a problem?, Else there is only 1 mm of space, and then it starts to melt. Now there is about 3-5 mm.
  5. Down below the requested pictures of my extruder. The nozzle and aluminum block are a bit dirty, thats because i tried using the "newer" soft PLA, and i think it has some sort of oil liquid in it to keep it soft, which was getting on the head after the print was messed up. Dont know how to get it off. I also know the head is not mounted like the tutorial, but this way it has more space between the nozzle/aluminum block and the custom fan mount.
  6. Everything looked fine for a while, but the bowden tube on the nozzle part has gone loose again, im just tempted to glue it there, but thats not wise. The filament is not bend this time. What do you want me to do?
  7. I cut off a part of the bowden tube like you suggested earlier, and it seems fine now, ill keep an eye on it though. Thanks for the help.
  8. Hello, Well i was trying to print a part of the Eifeltower from Thingiverse, and about the 30th layer or something, it got stuck. The filament was like this when i pulled it through the bowden tube. It could be that the filament is heating to early. I have to give it a try today, and see what happens. But im still curious on why the bowden tube is getting loose. If i get another bend, ill photograph my machine. Thanks in advance.
  9. The image below is the filament which was at the nozzle. It has a bend, so im wondering whats going on.
  10. The search part on this forum is indeed weird. But illuminarti and gr5 are not far away. Thumbs up to you guys. gr5 told me that you should use a piece of paper between the nozzle and the bed, if you put the paper in between and slide it a bit, and its just touching a bit, your fine. Do this on all 4 corners.
  11. Hello, When i push the filament through the bowden tube it slides smooth. Last time when it was heated near the nozzle, want i wanted to pull it out, it was very thick and i had to use all my strenght to pull it through the bowden tube. So i think its stuck in the first part, and thats a reason why it builds up all the force to push it out. How can i be sure everything is fitting properly, it used to work well earlier, last 2 days it wont work. Normally the first 5-10 layers are good, then it starts to struggle, and no filament is coming out of the nozzle.
  12. Hello, 1- It should be fine, it worked before 2- The filament is the original shipped by Ultimaker, you helped me in another post and said it should be 2.89 Correct? 3- Temperature is 215, layer height 0,1 , skin thickness is ???, print speed is 50 I dont think im trying to print to fast, because it also happens that it just stops printing and the filament is stuck in the part above the nozzle. I have cleaned this after dissassembly, but it didnt help. I cleaned it by heating it and also used (THF) for solving the stuck PLA. all seemed fine after. 4- Printhead should be fine. And extrud
  13. Hello, I had a problem that the filament in the transparent tube is pushing the transparant tube out of its place, first next to the material feeder, i was adviced to make a clip which is doing its job, but now the transparant tube is loose on the other side. Its going out so far, that the power cable of the small circuit board is popping out all the time, disabling the thermocouple giving me 300+ degrees temperatures, instead of 215 which i wanna print with. How do i solve this?, If UM is designed to work without the supporting clips, how can there be so much force on the filament that it
  14. I'm not a moderator or something, so i cant edit that?
  15. Oke, i will do the extruding by hand then. In the Future ulticontrollers will have more buttons for fast access i suppose.
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