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  1. Hello, I have googled this but i couldn't find it to my surprise. Is it true that having an Ulticontroller gives you better prints due to no lag, more stable connection, and no pc lag? Thanks, Mrcdesign
  2. I have been reading through quite some posts now, and i see alot of the same questions. Isn't it much easier for the Community if someone can make a very big alphabetical Q&A post with the most commmon questions, and maybe include some of the very usefull posts i found in the forum. There are so many questions, and so many easy answers and or tips and tricks, if they can be put together for starters, that would make it so much easier. For example i even noticed that turning my model 180 degrees is a solution for my problem, doesnt make sense to me, but it seems to work. And is it possible to have a few pictures of prints which can show people what some settings can do? Also maybe there is a guide on how to properly setup your UM kit. On the forum i saw a few good ways to level your printing bed, which is easier then how it is described in the manual.
  3. Thanks, well the bed levelling should be fine. I get the intention that while printing the movement from the front to the back, causes more problems then a movement in any other direction, i dont know why, but is that true? I shall see if i can get my hands on isopropyl alcohol and see what that does.
  4. Hi Gr5, I have read some of your other posts with putting a paper between the nozzle and the bed, and i did that because i had probably room for 3 papers. So i allready adjusted that. I don't have that alcohol available at the moment. So ill have to see what else i can do. Also when i have the nozzle that close to the bed, i can actually hear the plastic tick when its making the 2nd layer of the raft, isn't that bad?
  5. Thanks. At the moment im looking through the troubleshooting topic to see what other problems there are and how they are fixed. I guess i have to fine tune my UM more for better results. Also had problem with my support structure not sticking on the blue tape when using the default high settings, now i have to go expert and use a raft and see what that does. ---Edit--- I also looked up the default high settings, i copied those to the expert settings so i could add the raft, but the print time is 3 hours instead of 6 with default high settings, so im missing something, but what?
  6. I checked on the rods, The X axis is all fine, smooth all the way. The Y axis has the problem it seems. Its smooth, then its tight, smooth tight smooth tight. Its not really a pattern, the more i move the head to the back of the machine, the faster the tight parts come. So that would rule out a few problems i guess? Like sturdyness of the belt, because then the pattern would be the same. Same goes for a rod that has a slight bend? Do you have any other ideas? Edit--- I just loosen the Y Axis motor, and the problem is slightly less, could the problem be in the motor?, Or maybe the belt was too tight, although people advised me to tighten it because i had issues with the alignment before. Edit--- I have loosen the Y axis motor, and put grease on the rods and the problem seem solved.
  7. Oh i didnt recieve mail for this post, but i read it now. It's kind of weird, for example 1 time it draws the outline to prepare the nozzle, and inside it should start printing the model, but then the model wont start in the middle. Or that part is done well but layers 2 and higher are slightly off, i just did a checkup to make sure everything is fasten. It used to print perfectly, but since 3 days it has this. I dont have an Ulticontroller Ill check up the rods, and everything should be square, because it used to work before. Thanks for your reply
  8. I have this same problem, but i dont have Duplicate Outlines enabled, or is that automatically done in high settings?
  9. So Slic3r cannot print from itself? Only prepare models?
  10. I might be a little bit crazy, i have installed slicer, set it up properly, with the concentric and such. but how do i get it to print? Or does slicer only slice and i have to import in cura (which i cant find either)
  11. Thanks for the information, i will try Slicer to see what happens. And bookmark this page for the other info.
  12. Ok thanks. I dont have them with me here, but i have a ditigal one somewhere, ill measure it and adjust it. gr, Marco
  13. I have printed in 2 temperatures Above is 225C My newer model is 215C, but its still not good. Diameter is 2,89 Which was put there automatically Let me put 0,8 back then.
  14. Ah right. Basic Layer height 0.1 Wall thickness 1.0 retraction on bottom/top thickness 2 fill 20 pspeed 50 mm/s Need to know anything else?
  15. Indeed its not flat. What is "slicing at a slightly finer resolution"? Sorry im still new to printing, where can i find that setting?
  16. I have that ticked in, but there are more options in the dropdown menu, i will have a look, thanks!
  17. I have tightened the belts, but the prints still look the same. I'm doubting that the belts are the cause here, because when i look at the 3D model above (inside cura) you can see that te printscheme on the top is actually with gaps. In my opinion the top and bottom (in this case) should be filled with circles instead of random filling, but i suppose thats not possible?
  18. Thank you, i will have a look at them. Can't they be too tight?
  19. Ok thanks for the fast reply, Here Is A Picture of The Tire: http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/4244/20130517175029.jpg I will Play Around With Thr Settings and See What Happens Gr, Mrcdesign
  20. Hello, I have a question, i have made multiple prints but there seems to be a problem and i cannot find the setting to change it. Below i have inserted an image so you can see what i mean. Below i also have the 3D model, so you can see the model should be right, and smooth. The sides (red) seems to be fine and smooth, but the top (green yellow cyan) are messy, with openings and what not, how can i get these as smooth as the red sides? (I also have these problems with other models. Thanks in advance, Mrcdesign
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