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  1. Hi Daid, trying to slice my troubled stl model generated from the Revit software in your new 13.05: it slice the slab correctly, but, on the other hand, has new problem with the walls where there are holes for windows - this problem was not in the 13.04... I can send you my stl file and gcode if you want to see WTF...? Mike
  2. Hello Daid, I would happily download the 13.05 beta if you can post the address from where...? BTW I have downloaded and tried the Autodesk 3D Print Utility and I can confirm, that although it has some nice features, like automatically widening too thin walls, the end result is absolutely unreliable (low quality for architectural models, where you need sharp corners)... Mike
  3. Hello all, after inspecting the finished print I see that the height of the model is correct (including the thickness of the slab) and the walls are sitting on the slab, so Cura see the slab under the walls. But everywhere where the slab should be it is missing (there is a hole) and, on the other hand, there, where the slab should not be at all (no such thing in the STL file) there the slab is sliced by Cura. If anybody would be so kind to look into my STL and gcode files I would happily e-mail them for further inspection... Thank you in advance, Mike
  4. Hello Illuminarti, thank you for your knowledgeable reply: yes, the cca 130x130 mm model is warping up, so I will adjust the start of fan from (say) 10th layer up. You are probably right not to use the raft too. I tried to export various STL files from Revit and ALL gcode files from Cura 13.04 show NO slab in the bottom at all. I inspected it by the right hand slider to the Layer 1... Funny thing is that there, where no slab should appear, there is a slab in gcode and there where it should be, there is no slab at all... The walls are sitting correctly on the the slab in Revit model (0 mm) and
  5. Hello, I am new to 3D printing, therefore would appreciate any help how to force Cura to properly slice my model. As an architect I am modelling the structure in Revit, than exporting it into STL file and then slicing in Cura 13.04. I have 2 problems: first I can't force Cura to slice the platform slab with the walls. I can make separate model of the slab and separate model of the vertical walls, but not together... The STL is scaled in Cura to represent exact M 1:100 scale and here comes the second problem: the inner walls should be (after scaling) exactly 1,5 mm thick: how to configure C
  6. It would be nice to nudge the model on the platform AFTER the initial centre positioning (e.g. with the up/down/left/right arrow on the keyboard) and (at the same time) providing a stop (limit) to the (free) movement if the model hit X or Y limits (at the current scale) - this will spare time to change the tape so often... Mike
  7. Hope you will add the "Move on the platform" command soon... Mike
  8. Hi, after "completing" and thoroughly aligning the fully assembled UM, which came in a complete mess inside from outside untouched delivery box, with loosen front X belt etc. and after upgrading the firmware with Merlin from Cura 13.04 I see the same problem: small models go sloppy after cca 0.5 cm in Z axis, but larger models start to misalign in both X and Y axis just after first or second layer. If I do not stop the printing process immediately, the head start to bump into both X and Y stops in shorter and shorter moves, so there is no other option than stop the printing at all... Any sugge
  9. Hello, probably missing something on my side, so any help for the novice would be appreciated: how do I close the current file? Cura 13.04 on Win Vista 64. Thanks in advance, Mike
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