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  1. Illuminarti - Thanks for the file, I could not find it for some reason or may have glanced over it. I'll see what I can do with it for replacement panels and take into account they will not be laser cut wood. I suppose too rigid of a z axis would not be as forgiveable during any type of misalignment. If the final design was to allow for slight movement, I can live with that. calinb- I too had to do some sanding for the Z axis bearings to fit properly. They seem to fit perfect now. The Z nut placement is what scares me the most (shifting during a print) and perhaps I'll have to work on this w
  2. I seem to be dealing with several issues: 1) The z lead screw definitely does not sit tight within the lead screw nut. There lead screw drive nut is not very tight fitting around the lead screw, it's slightly off in tolerance. With a push of the finger, I can make the lead screw shift within the nut. 2) As I mentioned to Illuminarti in another post, which I have not had time to examine yet, is that the lead screw drive nut does not sit straight between the two laser cut panels which hold it in place. I can push the the nut out of place with enough finger force. 3) With regard to #2, when t
  3. How tight should the Z Axis be when resting within the drive nut? If you were to touch the z axis with your finger how loose should it be when residing in the drive nut? Or if use the ulticontroller to raise the platform all the way down, then back up, should you see any wobbling or loosness?
  4. Thanks Illuminarti, sorry for the delayed reply! I'll toy with speeds and temps to get the corners sharper.
  5. Thanks Olivier - I'll try doing that. I just adjusted my short belts before the print, so this could be be it. Just to confirm, if my short belts are too tight, would it cause backlash? What if they are too loose? I remember seeing a post on this but can't find it.
  6. Hello, I started printing an assembly for this snap together robohand from thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:92937 Printing with Black PLA Retraction on Temp: 220 Layer Height .1mm 20% Fill Print speed 50 mm/s Travel spee 100 mm/s For centered holes, there is a ring effect that occurs around the hole itself. Also, in the case of the first image, it seems as if the hole protrudes along the surface. I'm having trouble figuring out if this a mechanical issue or settings issue. Are my x-y melts too tight causing backlash?
  7. I'm having better success with .1mm than .2mm. That being said, early on after my build I winged it and printed a material feeder gear in .05mm (Brass/Gold). Here is the result, which I was extremely happy with. I'll try .06 next time.
  8. Let me rephrase - I understand the claw and its concept, but I was curious to know if there should be any play in the rods. When you tighten the C clamps down for belt tension, it tightens up the rod as well. Should the rods be completely tight or should there be any loosness or play? I noticed that in the directions you have to find a happy medium between the belts being too tight or too loose. But any additional tightening also seems to effect the rods being too loose or too tight. I guess I'm trying to find the happy medium so that the rods don't shift in the slider blocks.
  9. When tightening each slider block how tight should the inserts (marked C) be against the axis? Should there be some play so the axis is slightly loose or should it be as tight as possible? I just wanted to confirm. Thanks!
  10. Thanks Illuminarti, I'll give this a try and let everyone know.
  11. gr5 - One other question - one of these prints were done using the quickprint settings in Cura. So, if the quickprint settings are preconfigured, shouldn't the z seam be less noticeable or non existent?
  12. I did grease the screw - twice since using the ultimaker. Just to confirm, that sound of the platform raising along the z should be a smooth sound with out any stutter of any kind? It happens very quick but it is noticeable.
  13. Hi Owen - thanks ... I've noticed this seam also on some (very rare) square prints. Does it also have an effect on cornering? For example a cube's corners seem a bit bent and not sharp?
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