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  1. Thx Bob, Sometimes the solution is very simple Turning the print 45degrees did the trick! And prints fine as you can see. http://s1317.photobucket.com/user/Ben_Vanderveken/media/bottomplate_zps7ca154d6.jpg.html Maybe Cura should build in an error message for this problem... thx for the input people!
  2. Hi everybody, First of all, this problem is not a callibration fault. Every other print starts perfectly fine. I'm trying to print the bottom plate for the quadcopter on thingiverse. (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:49634) Slicing in cura seems ok, no errors. Then when i start the print: Zaxis reaches 0, moves up a bit (like it normally does), extrudes a bit, then starts printing +- 3cm above platform! (Ulticontroller Zheight 0,3) Could it be that the bottom plate is too big for the ultimaker? Cura info: X=204,79mm; Y=134,71mm Z=19.04mm if you open the file in cura you'll see that the Xdimension is really at the edge of the platform... and there is no room for the 1st outher line the printer usually makes... I don't really want to rescale the bottom plate because all the other parts are all printed.. Any help would be great!! thx, Ben
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