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  1. v13.05.2 mac Hi Daid, Is retraction fully working in 13.05.2 my printer seems weirdly quiet with so little reverse actions on the extruder drive? I made a print last night and found that there was no retraction on long moves, but it seemed that more short moves seemed to have retraction. For example when printing the first layer and perimeters when the head needed to reposition to somewhere in the print it did no retractions at all resulting in the first layer finish scarring where the print head moved with no retraction. Again, would it be possible to implement the force retraction ov
  2. 13.05.01 Order of infill looks much better now! thanks. Just want to ask again will you be adding any more control to the retraction settings in previous versions being able to force retraction on a move over a certain distance was a helpful parameter to get good prints on my printer. Thanks, Mark
  3. Hello, I started testing 13.05 last night, a couple of things I noticed... There is no longer an option to set force a retraction on movements over a certain distance, will this be implemented again? When solid filling the fill seems to be erratic, for example if I print a basic cube with no other detail it will diagonal fill from one corner to the other however if I have detail in the flat surface it seems to jump about as it fills in one line of fill here then moves to a total different part of the face and does another line of fill, in previous versions it seemed to fill around perimeter
  4. I would like to beta test please. Will this beta version fix fill in narrow area's of the print because that is what I would like to test.
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