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  1. Ulticontroller is preferable option. If I have a long print, printing window freeze after 2-3 hours, and no any possibilities to change settings, but still printing, finish print and I should shutting down window by force. But with previous version of cura, no any such incident happened.


  2. that, and there is much more room for play within the bowden tube, which may cause inconsistent extrusion i think, and i don't know how the hot end will function during extrusion with this different amount of pressure.


    Just for information about 1.75 mm filament, the extruder just make it fine, only thing what I did to get not bad overall experience is put inside hot-end teflon tube 2 mm inner diameter.





    As you can see there is huge difference in weight and time. Ok time it is not so big deal, anyway plus/minus it is possible to estimate. But also not every time. But weight in 3 times difference?! What readings should I take into account? As for me more realistic about weight is from preparing window, in previous version were some small difference, but it was really close.


    PS anyway as for my opinion cura nowadays is best slicer on open source field. Probably from commercial products too, but never used anyone.


  4. As for me I'm still looking for good 3d editor, often use tinkercad, but there is limitations so it is really hard to achieve some complicated results. As for me there is missing functionality to edit separately points, edges, faces, like in 123d design, but 123d design they did it not so good, as expectation for simple use. When you change one point or edge, another point or edge you can edit perpendicular to your edges, as for me editing should be perpendicular to bottom. As result I cant make geometry, which I want. And another result is frustration for me, and must do break to try again. Probably I dont know that 123d design have such functionality, but it is definitely not so obvious.


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