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  1. Nice ideas, what for me is important - have simple but enough good tools to edit models, I want to understand dimensions, but also want to make shapes more soft. Like instruments in tinker cad, it is really easy. But with last update 123dapp design online, come really nice feature. As for me what instrument missing in online is make more soft shapes, this instrument is available in leopoly, but there is missing sizes, and all other accurate instruments.

    You cant do something due to lack of time, or knowledge etc. So there is probably community of consumers, and other guys who can adopt 3d model for printing, or create model. And there is guys who have 3d printer and can print something. Idea that you post what you need, say conditions, and there is guys who see your request and propose to you some service. Maybe some guy will do 3d modeling, other guy closer to you will do 3d print. So it is like some kind of freelance site. There is some place for collaboration, cooperation or just service.


  2. 3d online editor pretty many already. There is some request from my side, it is good idea to use instruments like sculpting and technical modeling in same program. Because what see now it is using this instruments separately. I dont know is it possible to talk about what already exist, and what is wrong with this guys by my opinion.


  3. Just tried 0.05 layer height, and have good impression, but speed also important, so it is really good idea to get different layer size in stated z-heights. Probably it is good idea to add some feature like add another settings for stated height. Some is possible by plugins, but it only set temp and speed.


  4. Thanks for advices, now made another little improvement http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:34785

    As for me with such thing it is more easy to set proper tension for small belts. Also my small belt were broken, due to it touched to motor during work, found new in local store mostly the same, but little bit longer, so make deeper place for motor. And now I have good prints.

    That is good story, but I have some strange noise when printing, it is like tik-tick, tik-tick. Very strange cause cant understand from where it come.


  5. First I still don't understand for what are using this black plastic thing?


    Why on bowden tube are applyed blue scotch, and from what side it should be used?

    I cant submit ticket somehow, so i will ask here. How much will cost shipping to Ukraine Belts Pack? About cost this my email: marakew196@gmail.com

    Thanks in advance!


  6. Very sad=( Cause Ver.05 all the same. As for me I want to try a new versions, because there you can create support for your models, it is really nice feature. And to switch on/off slicing procedure is good idea, as for me.

    Also in all those versions disappear tab with plugins. I saw in version for windows it still in place.


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