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  1. Can some post pic or video of what I need to modify for 1.75mm to work? I hear 2 things from this thread, the tube size and old part v1?
  2. 6/17 I received the Ultimaker via DHL. Everything looked to be in order and in place as it was shipped. Out of the box I plugged it in, made a minor leveling adjustment, and printed the sample bot on the sd card and it works great! Really excited! Thank you Ultimaker!!! -rrfirebaugh
  3. 6/13 item has left Ultimaker and is in DHL hands. Which means 2 days turn around time for Ultimaker Assembled, pretty good! -rrfirebaugh
  4. Thanks illuminarti! I already know what I'm going to print first and have my models ready. -rrfirebaugh
  5. I just ordered an Ultimaker Assembled, payment has cleared. I was sold when I saw their booth at Maker Faire in San Mateo and barnacules1 on Youtube. For me it is the 20 microns of detail. I'll update this post when new developments arise. -rrfirebaugh
  6. I just saw Ultimaker at Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA really wish I picked up a kit. Does Ultimaker know what other events in California you'll be selling product? I couldn't find a list on your forum. Will you guys be at... [*]OC Mini Maker Faire (Irvine, CA): August 17, 2013 [*]Greenbrae Mini Maker Faire (CA): September 14, 2013 Thanks, rrfirebaugh
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