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  1. I assume this is related somehow, I have noticed with the new firmware or Cura 2.5 beta (on multiple printers) that the bed adhesion has been way stronger than previous versions. For some things it has been awesome but others the adhesion been so strong its gets real scary to release from the plate. It seems like it is printing closer than it has before, though havnt had much time to look into it. I didnt see anything about related in the release notes. I too would be interested if there a way to control it, maybe with a small offset as it seems consistent.
  2. I noticed Cura being slow compared to other printers using S3D. Almost doubly so. Took me a while to realize when setting print speed with my profiles, looks like it was only setting Infill speed and the wall, top/bottom speeds where super slow. Once i unhid all of the wall and top/bottom and started to set those accordingly, the time started to become comparable. Took me a while to realize that, not sure if its just the way i am doing profiles or intended. Not sure if that is the reason for you but might be something to check.
  3. Just to update and not leave a problem unsolved: i have had little time to look into the problem, but i have put a scope on the signal wire, and did not see any interference besides a lowering of voltage. possibly interference from magnetic inductance of the motors? Either way, i have mitigated the drop by routing the wire through the front, away from the stepper motors. Since it is was long enough. The temperature response and prints have been absolutely fantastic since then. I'm surprised others would not have this issue though when routed by the stepper, even if to a different degree. A q
  4. I've been playing with the ultimaker for a little while now, and and my last remaining issue seems to be with temperature. I think i have found what has been throwing me off. I searched, and found some stuff about temperature fluctuations but nothing solid with what i have been seeing. My problem seems to be interference from when the stepper motors are on and the thermocouple readings (big black wire). I have seen this behavior when the print starts and enables the steppers for homing after heat up cycle. Initial symptoms: When i first turn on the ultimaker, it reports 24 C which is expe
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