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  1. Sorry for the late reply, but I have tried altering the "flow" on the new Cura, but the issue still remains. I have been using the old version of Cura because of this problem. What I have noticed is not so much an issue with the fill of the object, but rather an issue with the fill not touching the outer wall, therefore leaving the wall so brittle it simply peals of like a sheet.
  2. My latest print using the new Cura 13.06.5 has be significantly weaker than the older version i was running. Both the same print, same ABS, same temp, with the same 100% fill density, and yet the new print is far far weaker in comparison to the old. Ive noticed that the new version does not do a true 100% fill as the old version of Cura did, and that the lines do not touch (forming a solid object) but instead do more of a 80% fill. Now all my prints are useless for the task required. Any reason for this????
  3. Im in NZ also, if you like, you could email me the stl file and i can certainly see if it will be a posable print?
  4. Anyone out there in Aotearoa that uses an Ultimaker?
  5. I have just installed a heated bed on my UM and just need to know how you control yours? do you do control the temp via an Ulticontroler? if so, what firmware are you running? (sorry to jump in on your topic but your heated bed looks like the same setup as mine).
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