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  1. Are you going the share the openscad files? Would love to take a look at them
  2. I will try a lower temp, but for now just printing it with ultimaker pla. Besides the stringing I found that the colorfabb PLA/HPA also breaks much faster. Can this have to do with the temperature or is this just a difference between materials?
  3. Just wanted to share my experience with the Ultimaker PLA and the Colorfabb PLA/PHA. With bigger objects I did not have any issues with either. But today I am printing something smaller and also something that uses a lot of retraction while printing. I found that the Colorfabb PLA/PHA performs not as good as the Ultimaker PLA. It seams like the Colorfabb PLA/PHA is much softer (it also breaks easier). Using the same settings on the ultimaker. 2.80mm filament, 75 mm/s print speed and the default retraction settings.
  4. Hi, Disabled the "check SD" and that made the progress bar show up, but did not fix the freezes. Disabled virus scanner (kasperksky) and the freezes are gone :-)
  5. Hi, Just testing out the new cura 13.6.2 on windows 7 64bit machine. The main window freezes up many times. Also I do not see the progress bar that David showed yesterday at the ultimaker event. Love to work with this new version, but as it freezes up for 3 to 5 seconds every time I do anything, it is a bit unworkable :-) Let me know if you need any more info to resolve this. Regards, Richard
  6. Hi, After having a makerbot for the last 3 1/2 years (yes one of the very old ones) I finally decided to upgrade to a new 3d printer. I mainly wanted a bigger build platform for my projects. So I ordered my ultimaker with extra controller and some extra spools of pla and abs last tuesday. The order was processed the next day and the day after it was shipped. I happily received my box last friday at 5.55pm. I was really worried DHL would screw up and deliver it after the weekend, but I was lucky and could start playing. I started friday with the build and was finished on yesterday (saturday)
  7. Hi, I received my ultimaker 2 days ago, and been printing since yesterday non-stop :-) I had the same issue with the default robot. I had to manually tell it to heat up before it would print. I do not have this issue with any items I created my self.
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