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  1. Hi, When i start CURA 13.06.4 , the floppy is working, and working, and working,.... This noice is not nice to hear for the hole time 13.06.4 is started. In settings i can`t switch that off. I don`t have a "old" computer (3 years), and i don`t used the floppy in this time. I think i can switch off the hardware intern, to use the latest revision :wink:
  2. Hi, is it possible to change the layer hight via cura during printing (for example from 0.2 to 0.05 for the layer 5mm to 8mm)? This would be nice for some details ;-) regards from Vienna Michael
  3. Thank you Daid for your helpful hints. I have test it and get some very good results. What i also found was the shrinkage of the material: ABS 0,4-1,0 %, and for PLA 0,6-1.2% Shrinkage depend on the cooling too. I test it with different fan parameter, and get different shrinkage. A very interest topic !
  4. Thanks for answers :-P I will do some tests with different diameter and outher dimensions, to get the best results. Changes in CAD is not a big problem, i use a parametric programm. Output via STL and 0.001mm hight of triangle is no problem for cura.
  5. Hi, What do you do for right diameter in the parts? I see that cura have no correction of the nozzle diameter, and so diameters are to small, and other lines are to big. Do you change the modell? Thanks Mike
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