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  1. First layers coming out much better now folks. Sorry gr5, wasn't ignoring you - just didn't reply - sorry about that. Bed levelling was the answer - as gr5 stated. I had quite a few problems with bases coming unstuck so went proper low on the levelling front. I've gone further down but it seems like the part isn't sticking - guess it's going to be a matter of an 1/8th turn here and there to get it right... Turns out the estep setting is at 836 in Ulticontroller already so I assume that would override the part gcode.
  2. Whoops forgot this: http://www.mediafire.com/?vo29tgrn2c82rhl
  3. OK Chaps just uploaded it to Mediafire - here's the basic file I've been using with temp, estep and filament diameter width settings changed in the filename. If there's nothing wrong - perhaps tell me which of those (estep/temp esp) might be the best to work with to get the levelling right....
  4. Maybe that's because I have new member restrictions on my account (if so, this post should take care of that...)
  5. OK there doesn't seem to be an attachment option on the more options menu.
  6. Thanks for all the replies folks. Packing density is set to 1, layer height 0.2. Pretty much the default settings in Cura. I've measured up the filament (2.9mm) and done a test extrusion to get the e-step settings (a little under at around 97mm for 100mm gcode making the estep setting around 890). As far as I've read - on these forums - the estep is just a pressure setting so isn't sooo likely to have drastic effects on the print - I'd be very happy to hear opinions on that one. Will give the bed lowering further a try and report back, cheers for all your help!
  7. Ah that was the idea of the gallery thing but I hadn't finished the upload. Here's some pics. I'm levelling with a piece of paper basically until the paper is just a teensy bit dragged by the head so I'll try a little lower I guess... Next Ultimaker upgrade - get some sort of touch sensitive heatbed that levels itself...
  8. Hey all, my first post on here so please be kind, and I'll try not to waste your time! I'm using the rev 3 ultimaker. I started with ABS, and have moved on to PLA and I'm having some issues with printing the first layer of this 4-sided pyramid. There seems to be quite a lot of lumps and blobs and so on and whatever I try doesn't seem to get rid of it. It seems like there's too much material squirting through the nozzle. I've tried tweaking the temperature (190, 205, 210, 220). 190 doesn't print so well and the material stops extruding about halfway through the first layer. The others seem
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