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  1. thanks David,According to your Instruction,I execute ./package.sh win32 in the Git Shell suceefully. But What to do next,Because No executal Windows Application generated.
  2. when I debug setup.py in Cura folder using following command in Windows Console python -m pdb setup.py ,I got some erro,and I don't known how to solve it! -> import sys (Pdb) > d:\codes\3dprinter\host\cura\setup.py(3)<module>() -> import os (Pdb) > d:\codes\3dprinter\host\cura\setup.py(5)<module>() -> if sys.platform.startswith('darwin'): (Pdb) > d:\codes\3dprinter\host\cura\setup.py(71)<module>() -> import zipfile (Pdb) > d:\codes\3dprinter\host\cura\setup.py(72)<module>() -> try: (Pdb) > d:\codes\3dprinter\host\cura\setup.
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