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  1. vag

    SD card

    Hello Nic, Yes I solved it, but I'm afraid that this will not help you a lot :-/ Indeed, after some days, the reading of the SD card was again correct and the .gcode files again visible. I didn't changed anything for this, it just started again to work and there is no problem anymore. I hope you'll finally solve this problem too. Cheers vag
  2. vag

    SD card

    Yes the extension is .gcode on these files and I can read the same SD card on another UM1.
  3. vag

    SD card

    Hello Everyone, I have a similar problem with my SD card: My UM 1 printer, installed with Marlin software, after having worked without any problem for several months, suddenly it started not reading files from the SD card. It detects the fact that an SD card is inserted and accepts to descend into browsing the files menu, but nothing appears there, only the "upper directory" line. The SD card is the original one that came with the printer (2GB), it contains several gcode files and has always been removed from the computer (Windows) by "ejecting" (securely remove...) it first. The card can be read without problem on the PC. I have the same issue with other SD cards. I tried to format one of them and then put a gcode file on it, but the problem remains the same on the UM printer. Reseting the printer, with or without the SD card in it, doesn't changes anything and re-installing the firmware didn't helped. If you have any idea on how to solve this, it will be nice :cool: Thank you vag
  4. I should have been test with 2 different prints, one with the temp and another with the thickness of the top/bottom layers. But I was a bit impatient :roll: I'll give a try with only the temperature at 200°C...
  5. Hello everyone, As foreseen I made a new test during the night and had a really better result : What I've changed: - lowered the temperature from 210°C to 200°C - increased the top/bottom thickness from 0.8mm to 1.0mm (the layer height is 0.1mm) Again a big thank you for your assistance!
  6. Thank you all for these ideas, I'll test this tonight and revert back with the results
  7. Hello everyone, I'm quite new to 3D printing... I received my already build Ultimaker about 2 weeks ago and when I try to print with PLA at 210°C and 50mm/s the external surface of the objects looks like this one, having these square bumps in the place of a theoretical flat surface: Has anyone any idea on what could be the problem in the origin of this? This happens only on the top of the objects printed and not on the sides. The material used is the PLA from UM and the printer is driven with Cura 13.06.4 Thank you in advance for any information that you could provide me in order to put me on the right track
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