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  1. I printed the Parametric Tardis from the link below and had a couple of issues with 13.05.2 / 13.06, in comparison to 13.04. Using the same settings, version 13.04 is the only version to properly do the thin wall light on the top. I created my own object stl with just the roof w/ light and tried it on all three version with multiple settings changes. Again even after that 13.04 was the only version to do the light. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:13109 Thanks
  2. Issue I'm having with 13.05.2 is that when I click print the heated bed option does not come up. I can not click disconnect either. When I unplug the reprap w/ marlin firmware and then plug it back in I get the option to connect. Once I do that both tempatures are available for me to set and use. These work fine all through the printing process till the next object printing or I reload Cura. Thanks
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