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  1. Thanks for the cooling tip. That is probably going to make a big difference. Things are getting better with each print mind you. Took the temp down to 206 for this guys and 40mm/s No big blobs and only a few minor errors. I didn't use CUDA generated supports cause they seem to mess up such a small model so a couple of places the overhangs were a little too much. Also the latest version of CUDA connects fine with the machine so I can measure things correctly now. I'm definitely going to try your cooling suggestion though. Thanks again gr5.
  2. Thanks for the help everyone. Things are definitely improving. I tightened all the belts and that made a big difference. My next test was a simple pyramid with a hole in it and that worked perfectly. So it was time to do something trickier: a 38mm miniature. No idea what went wrong with the top of the spear cause I was out while it was printing but more importantly than that Getting a fair number of little blobs still. Perhaps slowing it down will help with that I don't know. Any suggestions?
  3. P.S. Sorry. forgot to say I was using windows 7 home premium.
  4. thanks for all of your quick replies. I've tightened all the belts and moved the steppers slightly away from the wood. It seems to be behaving much better now. Couple of questions still though... 1. How can I tighten the belts more. I've loosened the little screws holding down the timing belts abd that has helped, but they still don't seem very tight. Any suggestions? 2. Why won't Cura 13.04 connect to the ultimaker. 12.12A works fine but 13.04 just doesn't connect. It did manage to update the firmware after i manually set the baud rate up, but it didn't connect to do the heating test. In
  5. I just bought the Ultimaker and it's giving me some horrible problems. Firstly. I can't connect to the printer using Cura 13.04. I'm using Cura 12.12A and that connected, did the firmware and has been able to connect reasonably. I printed a few things fine and then this happened. The three beards were support struts I made. The main problem seems to be that every layer the Y axis goes further and further off in the same direction. As you can see it did fix it's self for the head but it's happening again on other prints. hopefully someone knows what is going on and can help on eith
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