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  1. Thank you for respond David, unfortunately I still unable to get it working... the AUTOSLICE feature and the layers view is not working for me.. I tried to uninstall in many different ways and installing the newest version and still no succes.. just the old version works (13.4) it is very important for me to make the parts for my business better and stronger by changing the setting and see the results instantly with the layers view.. (without the need to prepare every file 10 times..) I hope someone can help me solve that issue
  2. Yes. it is an executable unix file and it opens the terminal when I click in it.. anyway, do you have any idea how do I reinstall CLEAN version of cura? because I noticed that after I reinstall CURA, it remembers some settings from the previous version.. even though I deleted every file (I think) related to cura with few tools. what files needs to be deleted to make my mac FORGET about cura for a second? by the way, I also tried the new version 13.6.4.. SAME - NO SLICING
  3. thanks for your comment! I wish it was that simple........! I always make sure that the dropdown menus are opened and nothing is hidden its not it.. its more complicated.. I believe there is more leftover files of cura that keep STAYING in my mac and untill I not deleting them it will stay like that...! I'm just not sure which files.. I already tried to deeply UNINSTALL it few times and i still get this problem...! =/
  4. now after I finally installed the new cura 13.6.3 when Im trying to add models, nothing really happens...!! there is no Autoslicing and of course no more prepare button.. when I change the view to "Layers" the model disappears..! I tried to uninstall many times also with leftover scanners like Appdelete and Cleanmymac hope I can get help.. thanks!
  5. Hey guys! I was wondering if I could get any help here.. when trying to install the new cura 13.06.3 (mac) 13.06.2 opens up every time and offers me to download the new version! I tried to delete leftovers in my mac of the old cura and to install the new one again with no succes. another thing, in version 13.06.3 I cant see the "layers" view.. its disabled? when changing to the layers view the model just disappear! I'm really appreciate the developments of Daid and think his doing GREAT job!! and I'm really happy with the new SUPER FAST slicing and the new working flow (without the "pr
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