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  1. OK thanks, I did not know all that, I will not throw it away then Proper attic stuf.
  2. Hi, I ones bought a Heated bed upgrade kit for the Ultimaker original. Never used it, bought a 2+ Is there a section of this forum were I can sell / give away this? Would there be people who still want this or do I throw away? Thanks, Dree Netherlands
  3. Thanks for the help. I see I have that plugin installed but I will try with the standard Cura settings first (advanced-cool) I do not yet have any warping issues with ABS (small prints) Groet Dree Edit, still want to now what that setting on the machine in your materials is for?
  4. Hi, Just bought a UM2+ and discharged the original. I tried to find this here but no luck. I don't understand the fan speed settings. I lowered the fan speed for ABS in the line of the Material.txt and imported it back into the printer, that worked. Now if I'm printing the fans go right up to 100% again on the second layer and I have to change it manualy on the machine again. So my questions: Do I have to change the fan speed setting in Cura ? And if so, what is that setting on the machine for? Groet Dree
  5. Now I know that it is actually not only me I adapted and now it works beter and faster. However it stil doesn't feel right to violate the feeder this way, I have the feeling driving a porch with a beagle engine. I wish there was an expert setting to adjust the filament travel distance. Dree
  6. Thanks guys I thought I was the only one.. Dree
  7. You have to only feed the filament into the feeder and then the feeder transports it rapidly almost to the print head. Then the feeder goes slow and you have to wait util filament is comping out of the printer head. Mine does 2/3 of the tube quick and 1/3 very slow, tonight I did the dishes while waiting for filament out of the print head. I think I do a ticket to UM tomorrow, it seems nobody knows the problem. Thanks anyway, Dree
  8. The version that comes with Cura 15.04.5 It looks like I have to be more patient and let the filament come to the print head with "wait till material comes out of the nozzel" but that's very slow. I still think that before the filament stopped further down the tube. Groet Dree
  9. It's your second assumption, you understand correct, but... Before the update it came all the way out and when inserting all the way to the print head, after the update I have to pull it out 20 cm as you describe and when inserting I have to do the same 20 cm the way in, I cannot imagine that UM changed that distance 20 cm... Groet Dree
  10. Is this a rare problem or don't you understand? Anyone?
  11. Hi, After updating the firmware of my UM2+ today the automatic removing and loading of the filament comes 20 cm short, can I change this? Groet Dree
  12. Hi, I’m also in that boat, I mean literally, I’m a sailor and also ordered the heated bed at the beginning of December, now almost two months later I do not know when to expect it. Now at sea I don’t have the order nr with me. I hope it comes soon so I can install it next leave that starts February 2nd. Maybe there is some general news about it? Groet Dree Edit: I also don't have backorder details after updating mu store account
  13. Hi, I had to remove the arduino too, only the first time, after that no problems anymore with connecting and upgrading. Dree
  14. Hi, These were some very nice 3D printing holydays, not only did I print all of my Christmas tree decorations, I also printed some very nice candle stands for Christmas diner Groet Dree
  15. There is more possible than I thought.. You also have a link to the site were world piece is announced? :smile: Dree
  16. Eh, sorry, I missed that, Microsoft making things for the Mac? Asking for world piece gives us a better chance :shock: Groet Dree
  17. I'm do some programming with Visual Basic but Microsoft has also Visual C++ 2010 Express and it's for free. Go tohttp://www.visualstudio.com/downloads/download-visual-studio-vsand scroll down to the 2010 section. Dree
  18. Hi, I see the http://cubify.com/sense/ that is not too expensive, I haven't bought it yet because I didn't see it for sale on a Dutch website and I have my doubts about the resolution. Groet Dree
  19. Yes I see now, I thought I only saw the familiar surface parts due to different peaces of the surface are printed at a different angle. We have to see if this happens with gr5's 0 settings. Dree
  20. Thanks for the info. I do not think retraction is happening within a solid infill. But I also do not know the rules of triggering the retraction. Sometimes with a greater surface it prints diagonally from the middle to a corner and the travels all over the project to finish the layer at the other end... does it retract then? And is it a disaster if it doesn't? I don't think you will ever notice, Dree
  21. Ah, OK Illuminarti, thanks, now I see. So gr5 suggests; Minimum travel; 0 Enable Combing; ticked. Minimal extrusion before retraction; 0 OK so? Dree
  22. And now they have 2.85 Ultimaker filament too (Ultimate) Happy user here. Groet Dree
  23. gr5, I don't see minimal extrusion, I heard you say this before, I do not remember the other one you mentioned. I only see Speed and Distance (default 40.0 and 4.5) am I missing something or are that the two to put to 0 ?? (Ultimaker original) Groet Dree
  24. Daid, It's two months later.... :wink: Already busy with it? Plans? Groet Dree
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