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  1. Actually it seems that it's nozzle size 0,5mm whitch gives issues. With 0,4mm nozzle size part slices with no problem. You should just make part thicker for nozzle to fit. Jukka
  2. Hi, I think it's a geometry issue, the other end of the bar is not touching outer wall, but other end is connected. I think Cura mistakes it as a loop of outer perimeter and not seeing it correctly. Can you post and link your BLEND-file? I would like to experiment with it. Jukka
  3. Hi, I would very much like Cura to have an option for manually painting parts of the model that needs support. Ideally that would be by weight paint, where some colors would mean heavy support and other light support, but even a simple ability to paint regions to be supported would be better than automatic support creation in many cases. Automatic support creation tends to create either too much support that is difficult to remove, or leave some areas unsupported.
  4. More info: In expert settings infill overlap must be 25%. Cura 13.12 produces same error if all the settings are as mentioned above.
  5. Ok, I investigated this a bit. The only way I can replicate error is: Drop the model on platform, do NOT rotate it! Apply uniform scale 1.02. Slice the model with shell thickness 0.8. Anything else, rotating the part aroud z-axis, thicker shell, or another scale, then the part is filled correctly. So it must be something in the math of infill. Fix horrible type A does not remove error.
  6. Well, I have Cura version 13.11.2 running Windows 7. I can't find any holes in mesh, I recalculated normals in blender and removed doubles, so mesh should be fine. I don't have a real issue with this, because I could print the part correctly by rotating it on the bed. Just found this odd...
  7. Hi, I tried to print this part: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1Csv9d5oDyoYzVUWm55RDRNRUU/edit?usp=sharing When the part is in default square position on bed, Cura leaves it partly hollow like in the screencapture: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1Csv9d5oDyoVkNCWFJJd1FJaUE/edit?usp=sharing If I rotate the part even slightly, Cura does infill correctly. Filopat
  8. I used to have to replace my blue tape every time after print because I had "too" good adhesion, prints were so strongly stuck on tape that it was impossible to get them off without ripping tape or even breaking the print. Then I discovered that when cooled enough, prints are easier to break from tape. Now I have a secondary acrylic plate as my print bed covered with blue tape. It is connected to original ultimaker bed with magnets for easy and quick release. After the print is finished, I take my secondary plate with print and put it to the freezer for an hour or so. Frozen PLA can be removed from tape with light knock. No more ripped tape, no more broken prints because of prying. I can print tens of prints without replacing tape.
  9. No, with printrun I mean Cura's own printing window that opens when you hit the print-button. There is no problem with powering camera, it works fine. The only problem I have is that Cura is not saving any timelapse movie file.
  10. Hi, I'm currently printing pieces for my friend's artproject. My friend would like to have timelapse videos of the printing process, so I hooked up my USB-web camera, and started printrun. Cura did find my camera and all the control tabs worked, and preview images did show up. I enabled timelapse video recording and started printjob. After the print stopped and ultimaker homed all axis printrun freezed. No video file was saved. Is timelapse video recording broken or am I missing something? I'm running Cura 13.06.4 in Windows 7. Jukka
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