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  1. Hey Folks. The problem has been solved. Everyone was blaming other software, or hardware issues, cooling, screensavers, usb cables all did nothing. I updated to Repetier firmware 0.91, a Build was made for the Rostock Max by the makers now no more stoppages. I printed 2 complex models that were stopping on me every time and printed both twice with no problems. all the best
  2. Yeah I tried my Hub, a new Cable ( tried 3 so far ) and turned off the screensaver.....1 item printed, the other crashed. I'm using a high quality power bar, that's the only other thing I could do not sure it would change anything plugging directly into a wall...but nothing will reach it's location. It's pretty frustrating when the manufacturer's recommendations don't work. I think it's 0.90 I upgraded a couple months ago I see there is a 0.91 now I'll try that
  3. Thank you sir! I have a new cable and using my USB hub hopefully this will work I'm going to try a 16 hour print. Will post results later thank you!!
  4. I’ve been having a problem with my Rostock Max I can’t solve and seems lots of people have it. I’m not sure if it’s hardware or software have tried numerous things. Prints and will randomly quit on me. The motors stop, but HEAT stays on. It never did this before just about roughly 8 months ago started doing it. Could have been software updates but my hardware hasn't changed Last model for example, I printed a small version for testing, printed perfect. Then resized for large print then it quit 3 hours into printing. I use Cura to slice, and Repetier to print ( Mac, OS Mavericks ). It has large polygons but small items will occasionally stop as well at random spots. Some are saying it's Cura, others that it's cable shielding, I'm not sure as nothing I tried works. Anyone familiar with this and if there is a definite solution? many thanks in advance! A
  5. Hey I sliced a file that I printed before in previous version of Cura Mac but now it's Stuttering badly with the newest version, all the motors seem to be doing it. When I sliced in Slic3r ( don't like it one bit though) and tried printing there was no stuttering. Just a heads up!
  6. Hey anyone know why the newest Cura 13.10 Mac always shows the process time for every model as 45 minutes on my computer? Previous version didn't do this. No matter what I change or which file I load it's always that time. Using Mac OS 10.9 thanks you great work, going to try my 1st print with this new version! A
  7. Thanks for the replies! Yes I'm sure it's from inside out as I watch every print start. Yesterday though, I printed a very small washer type item and it went from the outside in that time. I tried using a G-Code before printing to move the head 15mm off the bed THEN extrude plastic just before the print but it's not perfect still doesn't work every time and makes a bit of a mess. Thanks for checking into that it would be perfect if it would draw from the outside every time! A
  8. Hey Love the way Cura slices, rarely use Slic3r anymore. 1 thing though in the newest Mac version, is there a way to have it reverse the way it draws the brim? ie outside line first to inside line last? Problem is priming the extruder, the first line is inside and doesn't draw the entire line since it doesn't have enough flow, therefore object won't fully stick to the brim. thanks! all the best, Anthony
  9. Interesting. I tried removing all of the last Cura including prefs and settings manually since there is no uninstaller but still didn't work. I reverted to the previous version for now though. Glad I'm not a programmer sounds very frustrating!
  10. Hey running Mac 10.8.4 and the newest 13.06.4 version or Cura I launch the application, and I get a window "Cura Error" Then button options Open Console and Terminate I deleted all my prefs, reinstalled the newest Python and still the same. What happened??
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