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  1. I fixed the problem. Since all measurements indicated that everything is ok i tried last one thing. The junction part of the heater cable was overheated and contact ware overheated also, so i replace the wires and solder them directly to heatbed and on the main board at the opposite side. So bad junction was the problem !
  2. Heater impedance = ~4ohm Voltage on heater cables: 24V (output at arduino side and voltage on heater) Current: 0A (no current) ---------------------------- already 1. changed cables 2. resolder wires at bedheater 3. re-measure twice everything Any suggestions ?
  3. Hi Guys, and thanks for your feedback and help. Illuminarti has the point saying extruder motor clicking back as it skips steps I updated the picture in first post what is the result of this. I already cleaned and heated the nozzle to 260 and also after that I printed a lot of stuff just to get knowledge of settings in Cura and my findings are that 95% of failed printing is due bad settings in gcode. I did not print again the problematic thing but rather I projected my own with some other preferences to overcome holes and skipping steps. Further more I'm attaching another image to be looked a
  4. Hi guys. I just got brand new UM2 and started to using it with PLA. After a few prints and overall happiness i tried to use white ABS. It is noticeable harder so first push of filament in filament pusher area behind UM2 was noticeably harder. Then i tried to print some stuff but overall prints were bad looked and not solid at some thin areas. Then i also tried a Flex PLA and again no luck (maybe just settings and tuning). And now the problem. I finally replaced the filament back to PLA and i noticed that motor that fills the filament inside was randomly cogged and make small "kkk" noise, you g
  5. Is it still avaliable... ? Da se ustaviš u Sloveniji ?
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