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  1. On the plugin screen theres enabled plugins box, there should be a x in the top right corner of that box for each plugin thats enabled.
  2. I would gladly give it a try to, but maybe i don't know gcode well but if its set for 1.75mm filament then wouldn't 3mm filament be way out of whack for it
  3. thanks for the welcome guys :cool: yzorg - next time i head up to Auckland ill have to have pop in and have a look Ian - the tape is scotch 233+ i don't know where i got it from but i had it around so i decided to use it, I haven't had any problems with it yet but it's the only tape iv tried so I wouldn't know how good it is. :-| http://www.shop3m.com/70006246493.html
  4. Hay Im bobby6k34( or just bobby) just thought i would pop in and say hi, I've been lurking the forums here for about six months and finally pulled the trigger a week or two ago and brought me my first ultimaker( and first 3d printer). I thought seaming i’m probably going to be posting and replying now i would say hi. It arrived on friday and I spent the weekend assembling it and tuning it and it hasn't been given a rest since. I first tried seeing how fast i can get it upto while printing and i managed to reach 200mm/s then i tried layer height and got that down to 0.02mm So I’m happy with it so far. the current object its printing is a http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:68070, at 0.04mm layer hight, 75mm/s print speed, 150mm infill and 250mm/s travel speed. it should be finished in about 3-4 more hours(about 18 hours print time).
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