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  1. Thanks for the quick and useful reply. Perhaps the "Speed and Temperature" heading should just say "Speed" in some future release!
  2. Folks, I just installed Cura 14.12.1 on both my MacBook and my Linux (Ubuntu 12.04) machine. Neither show the Printer temperature field on the "Basic" page. A screenshot is available here. Have I missed a design change for the parameter or is it supposed to be there? Thanks, Doug
  3. I am a huge fan of 13.06.5 and know that Daid is on vacation. This is a minor issue with an easy workaround, but ... when saving gcode or a profile, the extension (.gcode or .ini) is not automatically added to the proposed filename. I'm pretty sure that this is not the expected or desired behavior (but I haven't done a regression search to check). In every other respect, 13.06.5 seems to be perfect! Cheers, Doug
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