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  1. As a short Solution, I used Kisslicer to slice the Model. But I hope this will not be a Problem in the Future. What makes me wonder is that the first Layer shows where the Support should be.
  2. Hello Visu-al but why is it showing the "Base" of the Supportstructure on the first Layer when slicint the Model? I'm slicing now with Kisslicer and that is working well.... The Model (STL) is here: http://www.dipic.org/stl/Wickler_Top.stl Christian
  3. Hi I have a new Part to print which requires Support Material printed in the middle where a Bearing is inserted but the Support is not sliced. Tha first Layer shows the Base for Support but the following Layers are enpty. Do I miss a hidden setting or is this a Bug?
  4. Ich hatte das Problem auch, habe es aber gelöst, indem ich einfach in der Homeposition ein wenig Kapton Tape auf die Glasplatte geklebt habe. Das PLA/ABS bleibt dann da hängen und das Hotend zieht keinen Plastikfaden mehr hinter sich her. Vielleicht hilft Dir das ja auch... Bei Bluetape bin ich mir nicht sicher, ob das den gleichen Erfolg bringt....
  5. I forgott... I always use a multiple of the Nozzle Diameter for the Shell... (so it's 2.4mm, not 2.5mm) If this is really a Problem... why not "autoadjust" the Value to the next lower valid Value, which is a multiple of the Nozzle Diameter?? There ale already Values that give YOu Feed Back when a Value is not correct/valid...
  6. Hi Daid The Settings are both the same... I tried several Settings and none gave me the desired Result. Cura 3.11 does not respect the Setting "Shell thickness" like Cura 3.10(RC1) does. I'm currently only using Cura 3.10 because of these Problems.
  7. Is Shell thickness Problem solved!? I dont believe... Try printing an Object with Shell thicknes of 2mm in Cura 3.10 and compare it with 3.11. It's not working correctly...
  8. I Beleive it's a useful Feature if YOu can select it manually. I had some Parts to print with a small Detail and it ceme out bad. The Reason was that it spend too much Time with the Detail which warmed up to much. If You can set it to prtint all at the same Time, it has enough Time to coole down. I solved this by replicating the Item in OpenSCAD.
  9. Hi Daid the Item I had to print was this: http://www.dipic.org/3d/Ecke_Top.stl It's a simple Part to connect two Rods.
  10. Hi All It's not an Infill Problem... the Problem is on the Tp and Bottom Layers... they are alle filled the same way. Infill is O.K. OS is Windows 7 64bit Ultimate. And the Temp is relative constant (+- 2°C) with Cura 13.10RC1. So it's not a Hardware Issue.
  11. When I print with Cura 13.10RC, the Shell thicknes comes out like I set the Parameters in Cura. On 13.11 the Value seams to be ignored. I set the Value on both to 2.5mm but only Cura 13.10RC does it correct.
  12. Other Problems with Cura 13.11: Temp Control of the Hotend is not really working well. It jumps up and down, and the Print stops after the Hotend Temp shows >= 270°C. There are intermittend Stops and Slowdowns when printing. This Time I printed with 0.125mm Layerheight, but the Fillproblem of the Top/Bottomlayer persists. Cura 13.10RC did not had this Problems.... so it's not the Hardware.
  13. Try to print something with this Profile in ABS (or adjusted for PLA) and see whats happening: Layer Height: 0.25mm Bottom/Top thicknes: 1.0mm Shell thickness: 2.5mm Infill 30%, Temp. 245°C The Filling is always in the same Direction, not changing 90°...
  14. Have You connected more than just an SD-Card? (external HD etc.) When more external (over USB) connected Storage is present, the SD-Card Icon disappeares on my Machine. Example: When I connect my HTC Phone, it goes away too... I believe, Cura does not really know what's an SD-Card and what's not... id does just look for external Storgedevices (Daid: is this correct?)
  15. A "preselected" Filename would be easyer... than always hving to select the Targetfilename... One Click => Ready Selecting a Filenam by clicking right on the SD-Icon does not make the Targetfilename "persistent" :-{ ... and any Change in the Settings saves the File automatically with the "everchanging Youmustremember Filename"
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