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  1. My (bad) Experience with Relays and big Heatbed Current...

    After I started using ABS as my preferred Filament, I had Problems with Warping and Curling of my Parts. I decided to add a heated Bed to my UM and use a 12V Powersupply for it. That worked for some Time, but after a While, the Relay of my Temperaturecontroller, a cheap one from ebay, began to make Trouble. The Relay didn't turned off because the Contacts burned togheter and the PCB overheated. The Clicking was also a bothering Thing...

    As a Solution, I made my own Controller and changed the Powersupply from a 12V/240W to a 24V/350W. This works great and I adjusted it down to 20V, so I can use it later as a Replacement for the Stock one from UM. The Controller is shown at: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:95994

    It is currently in an early Beta State, but works great. I'm very happy with this Solution, because I can customize the Firmware and add some usefull Featrures to it like Auto Temp Down etc. It has currently 8 Profiles: 4 PLA and 4 ABS. There is no Relay anymore, just a Power N-MOSFET that doesn't get hot and that's great. My Heated Bed has an Insulation of Silicone underneath to conserve Temperature. By the Way, my PCB has about 3.8 Ohms and I have enough Reserve to use the Powersupply later with the UM Electronics.


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