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  1. That release from back in februari did not add or change anything for files sliced with Cura, so I never got round to making a new release with just that version update in it (because it would not change anything). Instead I waited until I had some more time to fix bugs/issues on the Cura integration side of it. At the same time I made sure to have the plugin use the same terminology and order of settings as the official documentation. It is not a big update.
  2. Any bits in particular? All settings are now documented in the plugin readme, which can be found here: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-ArcWelderPlugin#readme The documentation is mostly copied from the original ArcWelder project.
  3. Add firmware compensation toggle setting Add allow dynamic precision setting Remove incorrect minimum/maximum values for resolution Align setting names and defaults with ArcWelderLib Update ArcWelder executables to 1.1.1 Add documentation to readme
  4. If you are talking about the horizontal slider, that always only controls the current layer. There's also a vertical slider to control the layer (on the righthand side of the window). You may have put your settings over it.
  5. Ah, the "Windows 9x" school of programming 😉
  6. That's probably best. Though the problem mentioned in this thread may seem similar to you, it sounds like it is a different underlying problem (especially since the issue in this thread was a very specific bug that was fixed a year ago). When you report the bug, make sure you include both logs and a project file (File -> Save project...).
  7. ...with only half an ear... Honestly, this type of issue is not really my forte.
  8. An important difference between the UM2+ and the UM2+C is that the former has firmware that is completely open source so that it could be enhanced with additional features by @tinkergnome (and others). The firmware for the Onion board mentioned by @Smithy is not open sourced, making it much harder - if not impossible - for intrepid community members to create an alternative firmware with additional features.
  9. That's a strange statement. No bugs or error reports are ignored. I think what you mean is that the developers need a way to reproduce the issue. A problem that can not be reproduced is very hard to fix. It is hard to fix something if you don't know what is going wrong. Especially on the github issue queue, a "duplicate" of an issue is a report of an issue that has already been reported. These duplicates are normally closed, to have the discussion about a problem in one place instead of on different threads/issues.
  10. A postprocessing script that looks for M104 gcode lines, and inserts an additional M104 for the second heater is the most straightforward, I think. If you want to make that into a plugin with settings of its own, you may want to look at the Z Offset plugin as an example. https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-ZOffsetPlugin
  11. There are far more people who can help you if to ask your question in english. English is not my native language either, but if we all put a bit of effort into it we can help eachother.
  12. I think the easiest way to do what you want to do is to "post process" the gcode produced by Cura using a Postprocessing script. Look at the postprocessing plugin that comes with Cura. It has scripts that are written in Python, which are fairly easy to get in to.
  13. I may have misread the feature you would like. I thought you wanted to share one heater between two extruders (a "mixing" type hotend that allows two colors/materials from a single nozzle), but you seem to want two heaters for a single material/color. How would that work? One hotend can not have two temperatures at the same time.
  14. The help page has a typo. There's a space between the '/' and the 'u' in "regsvr32 /u". Also I don't think you are supposed to type regsvr32 /u "path (C:\Program Files...etc)", but instead regsvr32 /u "C:\Program Files...etc"
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