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  1. I don't have your printer, so I can't check, but isn't a .g file just a .gcode file that has been renamed? And a .gx file a renamed .x3g file?
  2. Unfortunately, OpenGL 4.1 is required for the advanced rendering. Your GPU supports up to 4.0.
  3. This list is always up to date: http://files.fieldofview.com/cura/Replacement_Patterns.html
  4. Dat Ultibot tho... Edit: Vase mode? Oh, you mean Joris mode!
  5. The Custom Jobname Prefix plugin is now named Custom Printjob Naming plugin. The plugin now has separate fields for a prefix and a postfix. It also lets you specify a path to use. This path will be limited to a subset of all outputs; currently removable drives, the Duet RepRapFirmware Integration and OctoPrint Connection plugins are supported. If the path option is supported by the plugin, a small folder icon will appear next to the job name as a quick shortcut to set the path.
  6. At the risk of sounding agressive: YOU ARE WRONG! Euh, no agressivity intended. Sorry, your GIF is very small (in this forum), and skips over what you do in Cura very quickly. It looks like you are using this plugin: https://marketplace.ultimaker.com/app/cura/plugins/nallath/OrientationPlugin Plugins like this run in Cura, not in CuraEngine. You could look at the source of the plugin and extract what you need to create a rotation matrix to feed into CuraEngine.
  7. I am quite proud to announce that sometime this morning, someone was the 1,000,000th to download one of my plugins from the Marketplace! To celebrate, all my Cura plugins will be available today for the very special price of FREE! (oh, wait, they always are 😉). As always, some exciting updates are coming up.
  8. @alkekmakerspace, to identify and hopefully fix the problem it helps if you at least answer the same questions as asked above:
  9. The Mesh Rotation Matrix will let you rotate the mesh. What more do you need?
  10. DO you have a (removable) drive X:? If so, can you change the drive letter?
  11. Not if you use the Ultimaker S5 definition and profiles. You could edit the ultimaker_s5.def.json file to remove the ` "platform": "ultimaker_s5_platform.obj",` line, but you would have to do that again when you install a new version of Cura. Also: why?
  12. (that's how the bug came to be; I made a silly copy/paste error while implementing that feature)
  13. It looks like I somehow gave you the link to the current version instead of the development snapshot. Here is the development snapshot I meant to post. The version - as shown in the Connect to OctoPrint dialog - should be 3.5.15-DEV.
  14. Sorry, that's a bug which slipped through testing last time 'round. I have fixed the bug, but have not yet published a new version of the plugin. You could help me by testing this development snapshot. Download the file and drop it onto the buildplate in Cura as if you were opening a 3d model. It would be great if you could let me know if this bug is fixed, and if the plugin works as expected in general.
  15. That (horizontal)_ offset is "by design" and should not affect printing larger models. The offset is there because the nozzle is not in the middle of the printhead.
  16. How big of an offset are we talking about? In the Machine Settings, is the "Origin at center" box ticked? It should NOT be ticked.
  17. In your case, it seems to be having a problem with stderr.log, not stdout.log
  18. How do you open files in Cura? In Cura, there's the File -> Open... menu and a folder icon (top left on the Prepare tab) that will let you open/add files to the build plate. You can also drag and drop models into the Cura window. If you double-click a model or drop the model on the Cura icon, a new window of Cura will likely open. The next version of Cura will have a preference not to do that.
  19. The only difference is that the Deltabot definition did not let you use more than 1 extruder.
  20. In order for there to be overlap, you must load multiple models into CuraEngine. I am not 100% certain the commandline interface supports that. You could try > curaengine -l mainobject.stl -s <setting>=<value> ... -l overlapping.stl -s cutting_mesh=true -s <setting>=<value>
  21. Use Custom FFF printer instead, setting the Build Plate Shape to Elliptic and the tick the Origin at Center box. This is functionally equivalent to using the Deltabot definition, except that now you have the option to use multiple extruders.
  22. I fixed the old comment. I am very sorry that happened to you. I am also surprised there are still printers around that you can set on fire this easily via gcode.
  23. Ok, I don’t have an UM3, and you are asking for something I cannot provide. So there is nothing I can do for you then.
  24. Equal wear of the buildplate surface, I guess?
  25. Can you try this development snapshot? Download the file and drop it onto the Cura buildplate as if you are opening a 3d model. After restarting Cura, right-clicking a model and selecting Mesh Tools -> Randomise location will move the model to a random position on the build plate.
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