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  1. The model was imported as a group. Select the object, right-click it and ungroup it. Alternatively, export your model as an STL instead of as a 3MF file, and this "grouping" should not happen in the first place.
  2. There's a whole section where you can ask your question in german here: https://community.ultimaker.com/forum/124-deutsch/ In this part of the forum, please use english. The only way to remove the logo is to edit the .def.json file for your printer. There's a reference to the bitmap there, eg: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/blob/4.8/resources/definitions/ultimaker2.def.json#L12
  3. The version of Sidebar GUI with an undockable sidebar has been released on the Marketplace for your undocking pleasure.
  4. The successor for the plugin mentioned in this thread is the Sidebar GUI plugin. Though it does not make the sidebar any less wide, it does a lot to improve the fact that the viewport is being obscured by a giant floating panel.
  5. The "3rd icon" (for the tool to select a face to lay flat on the buildplate) requires OpenGL 4.0. If your GPU/driver does not support OpenGL 4.0, or if you have configured Cura to use "compatibility" rendering (OpenGL 2.1), then that tool will not be available. Check the "Force layer view compatibility mode (restart required)" option in the General preferences.
  6. That's what I was sort of expecting had happened; the 3.5.0 version would not load due to a missing dependency for some people. This sounds like your firmware does not support Arc movements. I should probably put an effort in adding documentation.
  7. You meant "curaengine.exe". Actually getting curaengine to slice with a full profile is not trivial, but can be done.
  8. Huh, I did not realize this was visible at all. I'll see if it can be removed, because I think it is untidy that it shows up.
  9. You could provide a link to the gcode produced by both 3.5.0 and 3.5.1 with a small-ish model, so we can have a look at the difference in output.
  10. Can you elaborate what functionality you need?
  11. Yes, that's the blue clip and white collet I meant. The hotend needs to be hot (around printing temperature for the filament), otherwise the material wil stop you from removing the bowdentube. You have to keep pressing the white collet down while gently - yet firmly - pulling the bowden tube out. Keep the hotend in a corner of the gantry in order to minimise the chance of the axes bending under the strain.
  12. Heat up the hotend. Then remove the blue or red clip underneath the collet around the bowden tube at the hotend side. Then you can push down on the collet and gently pull on the bowden tube. The material will probably come out with it, and you can pull it from the bowdentube from the hotend-side of the tube. Then reinsert the bowden tube in the hotend and replace the clip.
  13. That was added previous version. See the small "x" button next to the "Custom" toggle.
  14. I'm working on a new feature that you can help me test: floating the sidebar in a separate tool window. The floating sidebar feature is fairly experimental. It may break on your particular multi-gpu setup. Please test and let me know. The undock button can be found between the Custom/Recommended swich and the close button that was added in the previous release. Download the new development snapshot and drop the downloaded file onto the buildplate in Cura as if you were opening a 3d model.
  15. It would help if you opened an issue at https://github.com/ultimaker/cura/issues
  16. I don't see the same line being printed 3 times in the gcode when I look at it through ncviewer.com
  17. No, there is a special build that contains an experimental version of CuraEngine. It is not quite Cura 4.8, but closely related to it. See this thread:
  18. That means the application crashes before it has comes to the point of writing to the log. Unfortunately this means that I don't have much to diagnose, so I can't help you any further. It could be a conflict between Cura and your OS; I don't think windows 7 is officially supported anymore.
  19. No, this is not generally something you can do in Cura (*). Meshmixer has a nice way to do this. Here's a video I found in a quick search: *: for simple cuts, you can push the model down into the buildplate in Cura. This could work for models that are only too tall (but not too wide or deep).
  20. The logs you provided seem to be from a Dremel-specific version of Cura, not from Ultimaker cura. Instead of stderr.log and stdout.log, having Cura.log from the 4.8 folder would be more useful. The Dremel-specific version of Cura has all sorts of weirdness going on that I prefer not to get into because I don't know what they changed to Cura to make it their own.
  21. I have many thoughts. One even relates to your predicament. I'm guessing you have multiple screens, and that the crash happens after you have dragged Cura to another screen and closed it down from there. For some reason Cura is unable to restore the window at that position on the next launch. Disable all but one screen and start Cura. Go to the General pane of the preferences and uncheck the option to "Restore window position on start". Close Cura and reenable the other screens.
  22. Only half of it is. The Ultimaker 3 and newer all have two parts; a printhost running on Linux and a controller running a fork of Marlin. The printhost is written in Python and controls what is shown on the screen, talks to Cura, implements the API, etc. The Marlin-based part is fairly vestigial. Basically only the Marlin-based controller is open source, so that part is modifiable and redistributable. The license of the rest (the 'Olimex' part) is not so clear.
  23. Because you told it so. You told it you have an Ultimaker S5 and named it Labists ET4. But naming it is just a label. Cura will use settings specific for the Ultimaker S5, which are wrong for your printer. In the Add Printer dialog, scroll down the list of printers and try finding one that is a better fit to your printer than the Ultimaker S5.
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