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  1. sicyon

    Term tab

    So I've found a fairly easy workaround. Use Cura to slice, save the gcode, and then download pronterface and use that to actually do the printing. I successfully printed a 4 hour object without having it fail. I'm currently attempting an 8 hour object. As an added benefit, I've found that pronterface tends to "stutter" less. When I printed direct from Cura I found that it would quite frequently - and randomly - pause during printing for about a second, leaving small little blobs in the print. I find that the new Cura prints significantly less support material, which is kind of nice. And of course the slice speed is a LOT faster
  2. sicyon

    Term tab

    - UPDATE - The print has just failed after about 43 minutes. The term tab has hundreds of instances of line number errors. So, both the prints I have tried with 13.06.4 have failed. I'm quite certain it is not a hardware issue, otherwise I would have come across it some time ago. I'll see if I can run it again tomorrow, and possibly post the contents of the term tab.
  3. sicyon

    Term tab

    I've been running 13.04 for about a month now without any kind of issues. I have a dedicated laptop (running windows xp) connected to my ultimaker solely for the purpose of printing. There is literally nothing else going on in the background. It is a fairly powerful machine, I have no doubt it is up to the task. I upgraded to 13.06.4 today and tried my first print on it, only to have it fail about 2 hours in. It simply stops mid-print, the hot-end remains heated and continues to happily melt the stuff it is contact with. I switched to the term tab and noticed a ton of these same strange checksum errors that you are seeing. So I loaded my model back into 13.04, sliced it, and it printed flawlessly. I checked the term tab to see what was going on, and there was only 1 instance of the checksum error right at the beginning of the print. I've started another print to see how it ends up, and it is already throwing hundreds of these checksum errors (but so far continues to print). I don't think it is a computer related thing, because it only became an issue when I upgraded Cura.
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