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  1. Hello! I have a self build Ultimaker 2 which is sourced from original (or at least lookalike) UM2 parts, and the rest is printed on my old UMO. My problem is that something has happened to the power output for the heated bed on my motherboard and now i cannot heat up my bed, (the bed is tested and works). So my question is: Is it possible to use the "heater2 terminals" (the heat output for a second head) to power my heated bed in sted of the "heated bed" terminals on the mainboard? I don't know much about how to edit the configuration.h. Thank you
  2. Hey guys. I am having a weird problem with my dear ultimaker original. I am trying to print a ring with some thread in it. As we see in the picture: https://www.dropbox.com/s/50op0qpmb6prqxy/Sk%C3%A6rmbillede%202014-02-17%20kl.%2012.21.30.png If i put the ring down and show the layers, the weird thing happen: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5flbnmf67ed62m9/Sk%C3%A6rmbillede%202014-02-17%20kl.%2012.22.01.png It fills out some random layers at a random height, its about 5-10 layers? Where do the random annoying layers come from? I tried the exact same .stl in slic3r and no problem there. It is in cura version 14 og 13.12, I can use 13.11 but it screws up my overhangs :/ I really hope that someone can help me out here. Have a nice day. /Jens
  3. Thank you BaasB But my travel speed is at 150 mm/s..
  4. Hi Guys I have the problem that my beloved Ultimaker goes crazy fast. Even though I have first layer speed at around 20-30mm/s, it starts out at something which looks like 80-90mm/s. Last time it did this i found out that it was because i had the minimum layer time set to 15s, changing this down to 7 or 10 fixed the problem. But now it does it again, and i can not figure out which setting triggers it. And of course it makes it impossible to get the first layer down :( I hope that someone have a clue Thank you in advance. /Jens
  5. Alright guys thanks a lot! And sorry for this late reply. I like changing one perimeter at a time to see what happens. I started out with the temperature and raised it from 200C to 220C still printing at 70mm/s speed and it really fixed the problem. Before posting i tried to raise the temperature just 10C and it didn't help but 20C did. So, thank you so much
  6. Hey guys After a lot of wonderful prints i ran out of the stock grey filament. Therefore i bought new filament from faberdashery. After lots of trouble with blocking and so on i finally got it to print almost as well as with my old PLA. But the infill is terrible I could live with that if it has normal strength but i has not. Picture: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a8178vy4we5cptr/foto.JPG It is soft like spiderwebs in layers I can sink my finger in to it. On the outside my prints is almost perfect. Has anyone seen anything like it before? I really hope so And thank you for a vey nice and kind forum Cheers /Jens
  7. Nice illuminarti! Thank you! I will try messing around just with speed, temp and height, and just leave the advanced settings on default.. When i level my bed i use the paper method but when i get it nice in the corners the nozzle is too low in the middle is my bed not flat? my thoughts are that i am always printing in the middle, maybe i should take most care of that area? Thanks again
  8. Hey guys My ultimaker has it's two weeks birtheday today (wuhu), and this is my first post in here. I really do love my new machine, i have been printing before both on a Makerbot 1 and a 10.000US thing at my school. Even though the ultimaker really rocks compared to both of those^^ i am struggling :( When I use the basic settings in Cura it works just fine, i could of course wish better quality, but its ok. But! As soon as i inter the full settings my problems starts, problems like: 1: It does not stick to the platform. 2: Gabs between the "strings/lines". 3: Bad overlapping. 4: No extrution. And so on No doubt its me screwing something up I have read a lot in here about other peoples problem and also tried what people got suggested, but still :( So my question is: Where should i start and which settings should be my own "basic settings" from which I can start to tweek and explore? Maybe just the basic settings from cura? And which settings should I start changing? I would really love some help. Maybe just some helpful links or other newbie posts like this Thanks a lot in advance (People seem to be so nice in here)
  9. Hi madwinter. I know this is an old thread but I will give it a try. That iPhone case is really looking nice! Which settings have you used? Very nice results you have there by the way! Big thumbs up! Thanks in advance
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