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  1. Seems that if i turn off my firewall Cura behaves as it should. Can anyone advise of the actual process I am looking for other than Cura to give permissions? I have permitted Cura.exe or what ever but that doesn't do the trick. so far only running without a firewall is the workaround. Any help appreciated. Chris
  2. Just found this thread. must have given up. WOW i am now checking out if my Firewall is interfering! https://ultimaker.com/en/community/view/6985-urgent-stable-version-req?page=1&sort=#reply-55938
  3. Been getting back into using the Ultimaker and still using Cura 14.01. I recall we did not update due to this issue before. So thought we would let a few itteratons pass before trying again. Just tried with 15.04 and same issue. All looks good except part wont slice. Save button is greyed out and you see a quick 0.5 second flash of the build progress bar. Layer view shows 1 or zero layers. Please help as would like to be using the latest version. Win7 PC. Quad core with Ram Spare. Cheers Chris
  4. Many thanks to @Yellowshark and @illuminarti for your help on this :-P Thanks Guys!
  5. HI Peeps. Just stuck with a step file that unrelated to Ultimaker is causing vendors a problem on import. Pretty sure if someone could import it to SW and auto fix and spit back a Step at me, this would be a big help. File is confidential so, if you can help please message me. Cheers Chris
  6. I know this is an old thread, i have always thought the robot a kinda odd icon for the UM because it never has printed that well with the natural overhangs.( otherwise hes cool ) now on the UM2 are you all seeing a better robot. I think if your finding slowing speed is causing less sag on overhangs, surely this is due to cooling as suspected, rather than slowing your hole print down, It would be good if Cura could somehow have a slower cooling time especialy on the overhang slices as these are well detected in the slicer. So you would not just have min cool time, but a min for overhangs? Is
  7. Thoughts on why the current version is broken for me? Is this unusual or common problem?
  8. Cheers for coming to the rescue. that was a close call. Win 7. But to be frank this machine does have issues with windows update. Have problems with .net stuff for example. Just installed version 14.01 and thats got me out of a bind. For future ref is there any reason not to use the latest marlin etc with backdated versions of cura. As it would be written before the firmware im now running. Thanks Chris
  9. Then again, could someone advise why latest version fails to slice with blank space where the progress bar should be? Thanks. Chris
  10. Embarrasing...but finding a specific version with .exe to google brought up this page http://software.ultimaker.com/?show=all Which I now see is expanded from clicking the link in that page...could I flag a note to who ever makes that page, to make this easier to spot or use an Icon? Sorry to waste ur time reading this.. Solved. Chris
  11. Hi All, Version 14.03 Doesnt slice and has been unusable for me since launch. So been using prev versions. However I can find the Github page, but must be thick or something as cant for the life of me find a list of versions to download. I know of these pages http://software.ultimaker.com/ https://github.com/daid/Cura Cant find a download list on Daids page...:s Can anyone send me a link to prev versions, have a print job required for the morning :S Hope someone can help Cheers...
  12. Well fingers crossed all will be well. I did receive an offer of help from a group member so thanks again for that. on my travels I did contact the makers of Instep and received a indepth reply if people are interested I thought I might share it . At this stage, I don't think I will require this after all. "Thank you for your interest in the InStep application. I took a closer look at the file you provided and there are a few things to mention in regards to your request. · As I am sure you are aware, parametric modelers will only work in a parametric manner with native files, so an
  13. Thanks to everyone for your help. I have found a vendor in the UK with a decade experience, Aerospace / F1 standard equipment who offer to create "automated surfaces" ie output a step. ( mesh to Solid ) which is what was discussed here. For just over the cost of a spool of filament. So looks like the search is over for the time being.
  14. I have lost touch with Rhino. are there any tools there that could help even out the mesh. or average. Have you used http://www.meshmixer.com/%20?%C2%A0 So we have a more usable Nurbs file in the Solid modeller.
  15. thanks to all. Chopmiester, I understand your getting into accuracy and semantics. video interpolation is not like for like, more a transformation is taking place. And Thanks Nick for going to the effort. I couldn't open the file first try. Will try again. Cant go into specifics, but it is useful in hand tool design to be able to work with a material like airdry clay and then get it scanned to bring into the product development workflow. If the surfaces are averaged / smoothed as a result then this is a win. Will investigate the options you mention. and also have emailed Instep to see i
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