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  1. Here's a picture of the Cases and Cradles we make for our barcode scanners:
  2. Hi! I have that problem a lot, but I'm long overdue changing the belts. Here's what I do: * I have a belt tensioner on the belt that slips. * I make sure the axis are aligned properly * I use machine oil on the rods... both x and y at the head and the ones along the sides where the belts are attached. * Before each run, I keep the printer shut off and move the head around by hand. Normally, I'll have problems if the UM1 sits around a week or more between runs. When I'm running ABS, because the inside temps are hotter and I'm using sewing machine oil on the rods, I find i have to lubrica
  3. If this isn't sold, please contact me. I'm out near Asheville. Email sales at barcodeguy.com. I will purchase today.
  4. Have a immediate project to make a casing that will hold our barcode scanner guts in an enclosure slot for an iPad enclosure. We have the cad drawings os the current case and physical models of the enclosure. Need a contractor to design the new enclosure for the scanner producing the cad files and the STL file for the Ultimaker we just ordered. There are MANY more enclosure projects behind this one if you prove competent and add value. We need to run prototypes for large customers for approval and cost analysis of printing them vs cost if mold tooling. product at www.barcodeguy.com..enclosur
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