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  1. Thanks Daid, indeed this sounds logic.With the UM2 I had and have temperature problems when printing. I always have to identify the perfect temperature for each filament that I have. Especially with colorfabb filaments, wich melt like butter (print some of them at 178C°). I print slow and with high quality cause thats the only way I get resin like prints. However I also suspected that the hot air flow caused by the heated build plate and the nozzle itself put some extra temperature on the print. The layers dont cool fast enough and the temperature form the layers above spread to the lower la
  2. Thanks Guys. I think that the Temperature ist not the problem, else the nose would have warped down. But I agree that the fan position are not optimal due to the asymmetrical arrangement. Maybe there is a printable upgrade to optimize air flow like the ones on the UM1. I also think that it has to do with cura, especially with the gcode flavor: UltiGcode. I printed the head on a UM1 with gcode flavor: RepRap (Marlin/Sprinter) and I worked much better as u can see There is still a dot of filament but i could easily remove it with a knife. Also in the preview of cura the amount added at
  3. Hi, I have the following problem: when printing this file I always get a blob at the end like this: I tired the same file on a makerbot (orange one) and it printed correctly. that leads me to the fact that the file is ok. Taking a closer look in cura i noticed some larger paths at the end of the object in the layers view . No matter how i position the object, cura always make an extra extrusion of filament at the end. The print is perfect till the last 1 or 2%. Has someone a solution to this problem? I have used these settings:
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