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  1. @rburema - Thank you for the work around. This worked for me. @territerriterri - Is 6989 a GitHub issue or do you track these elsewhere? For what its worth, I like the stairstep at .1mm. Having to go 0 to solve this issue does look like the support is going to hug right up against my part.
  2. See attached part I'm trying to print. When building support, Cura is not doing it for the entire area that needs support no matter what settings I choose. It is leaving a gap and then just trying to bridge the gap with PLA. Any ideas? 2990 HP - Rear Shear Cam - TEST.stl
  3. I got some more figured out yesterday. These parts in NX are very complicated. I had been trying to export full assemblies with a part count close to 1000 to STL. I tried a single part from an assembly and it worked like a champ straight to Cura. I'm not a heavy NX user, so I'm not sure how, but it seems to me that if I could take an assembly and just export the outer most dimensions as a single part "skin" that it would go straight into cura without an issue. In the meantime, I have a much more sloppy process of exporting to a .WRL file, importing that into Meshlab, exporting as STL then t
  4. One other thing...When I export from NX I get "Negative Coordinates Found in Output File". Does this affect how Cura or Meshlab loads an STL?
  5. Thanks for the responses. I have installed MeshLab and when I try to load the STL files, nothing happens. I see "Current Mesh:" is my file name, but vertices and faces remain 0. I can't send these specific STLs due to ITAR, but will try to find a different part I can send assuming I have the same problem with it. The STL files, depending on tolerance and what all I have loaded are anywhere from 80 to 340 MB.
  6. Howdy folks. I'm trying to export an STL file out of Siemens NX (formally UGS) 3D cad software. After following some other 3D print software instructions on the settings to use for triangle and adjacent tolerances, the STL file never loads into Cura. I have also tried loading it into Netfabb to which I get an error "Invalid STL file". Any pro tips to make this work?
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