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  1. I have the same problem. They come together. If I the screen dimming and flickering, there's a good chance heating will fail. Sometimes my printer will work fine for days at a time, and then it will give this error for days.
  2. I just put together a Ultimaker Original I bought at MakerFaire SF Bay Area two or three years ago. I'm getting this problem. I bought a new arduino, swapped it out, after tracing the connections and verifying continuity and switch operation, and had the same effect. If this is a known issue, could we get some resolution? What do I do next? I worked around it for now, and I'm able to make prints, but I have fear of damaging the machine if something goes wrong.
  3. We did test, quite a bit. But... well, all our originals where upgraded to + or heated bed upgrade status. So that was missed. There is a workaround, you can enable the heated bed setting and set that to 0, that will work around this problem till we have a fix out. Well, some time has passed. Is it safe for a newbie with an ultimaker original to try it yet?
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