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  1. Hi, I have purchased two Ultimakers to speed production, however I would like to print different things on both from the same machine. Is this possible? Many thanks!
  2. Hi. I’ve been printing away on my ultimaker for a while now and managed to solve my issues along the way using the various forums. However I’m now suddenly having weird problems which seem to be related to the z-axis I think. I’ve scoured the forums to no avail, hoping you can help! Essentially after printing the first few layers fine there seems to come a point where the z axis no longer moves down. The machine carries on moving and trying to deposit material however it soon starts to grind along material already laid down and is no longer able to deposit more filament as it’s flow is blocked by the solidified plastic. I have taken some pictures to illustrate the problem. On the left of the first pic is how the first layers should look (ignore the under-extrusion of the body – this happened as the spool jammed). On the right is how they are now turning out, note the support structure has merged into a solid. In this case I had to abort the print as it was not moving in the Z-axis at all and beginning to grind heavily across the print. The second picture is two prints printed before and after. Not with the second the print has a lot of excess plastic on the raised outcrop and it is not as high. In this case the print actually managed to finish but not to the correct height. I have tried all sorts of things to rectify this including: · Tightening the coupling on the z-axis screw thread · Levelling & re-levelling the bed many times · Tightening & checking all grub screws · Checking the extrusion roller and spring tension · Reinstalled Cura and Firmware · Greased Z axis & lubed the others · Checked the fan’s working ok Help would be greatly appreciated as it’s driving me nuts!
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