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  1. Hi One of my UM2s just doesn't want to print correctly. Please see the following pictures of the classical Stretchlet which do not exactly look good. I have tried everything I can think of. Re-slicing, changing PLA, adjusted the feeder, played around with temperature, reduced the fan speed, etc. Even did a factory reset but still no luck. I have printed more than hundred of these without any issue earlier. Anybody have any thoughts on what can be wrong? Ps. The machine is about 3 months old.
  2. Thank you both. That was really simple
  3. I am having trouble getting my Y-axels moving back and forth on one of my UM2s. Here is a short movie showing it "in action": Anybody have any suggestions on how to solve this problem?
  4. I found that it smells badly at lower temps as well?!
  5. After some experimenting, I got the best result with 260 degrees on the head. 100 degrees on the bed. Fan 50% 95% flow Pretty ok but it smells too much
  6. Hi, I have never really printed anything seriously with ABS on my UM2 until now (PLA not durable enough for my current model) and I am having some issues getting it to print nicely. The settings I have currently settled on are: 260 degrees on the head. 90 degrees on the bed. Fan 50% 95% flow. I am printing with Ultimaker Red ABS. What settings are you all printing ABS at?
  7. I find the UM2 to be very reliable. I have lugged it around on several fairs, lectures etc and it just works. The heated bed is awesome. The only thing I feel is a problem is that the smaller fans on the UM2 do not appear to cool as good on the bigger ones on the UM1. If you can afford it, go for the UM2. If not then, the price of the UM1-kit is a very good deal right now.
  8. The early UM2s (mine included) had to thin screws that came loose. Ultimaker promised to send new thicker screws. Mine are yet to arrive (shipped??).
  9. Another example is this one: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:194505 Same settings but here I get a clear line in the side where it does layer change.
  10. Thanks! On this one they are quite dominant: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:198110%C2%A0 Printed with latest cura on Mac with default settings, 0.2layer height, 0% infill, 50mm/s, 0.6mm top and bottom, 0.8mm wall thickness, 220 degrees, 115% flow (I need 115% on all or else I do not get layered fully filled). Tried Ultimaker red, white and transparent PLA. Also tested on UM1 and got the exact same result. Same settings as for UM2 but with 100% at 2.85 PLA width with Ultimaker White PLA. I think this has to do with the layer change.
  11. But that doesn't sound like it will change the anything about the bumps. Apparently they do not appear with Kisslicer so it must be a slicing issue. Anything that can be fixed in Cura to resolve this?
  12. Regarding bumps and Cura, I have now tested 13.11, 13.10 and 13.6.5 and I get bumps with all of them on my UM1. Hmmm
  13. Thank you for the settings!! Is it too much to ask for your UM1 settings as well?
  14. I can confirm that this is a Cura problem as I get the same "STD bumps" on both UM1 and UM2. I wonder, in which version they started to appear because they were not there 1-2 months ago. Robert, do you have a profile I can try for KISSlicer?
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