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  1. Did you manage to find a way of getting your ulticontoller to work as I have the same issue. The ulticontroller recognises the card is inserted but when you go into the menu it says "no card" This is with the original sd card and some others I have to hand.
  2. I selected the Ultimaker,+ Heated Bed (100k,Relay, + Ulticontroller Then i selected the 100K Thermistor - usually this one!(4.7K pullup) I didnt change any other of the other settings. When i have clicked build it the HEX file Send me to this link http://marlinbuilder.robotfuzz.com/tmp/builder_1376548661-520c773534f34/Marlin.hex I can Download both Configuration files The Makerfile goes to this link http://marlinbuilder.robotfuzz.com/tmp/builder_1376548661-520c773534f34/Makefile I suppose you have to copy and past that. If i select download all files as zip it goes to http://marlinbu
  3. Hi i went to the website http://marlinbuilder.robotfuzz.com/ but when i have clicked build it the only thing i can download and save is the configuration file. So i attempted to build this myself and uploaded it but when i turned the ultimaker back on the ulticontroller had the two lines. so i uploaded the firmware from cura and it works again. Does anybody have the file i need to upload as i have never created any form of code before now. My Ultimaker is one of the newset ones with an ulticontroller and a Epcos 100k Thermistor.
  4. I have just installed the heat bed onto my ultimaker, It has an epcos 100k resistor. In cura all i done in the settings was select i had a heated bed. but when i went to print the hot end reached temp but then the ulticontroller just said heating bed and it didnt heat up. is there any other setting i need to change.
  5. I have managed to get some free samples from http://www.3distributed.com/collections/filaments They have sent me a few metres of TPE and Nylon. Has anybody managed to achieve a reasonable print with either of these materials. If so could you let me know the settings you had. The diameter of the TPE is 2.90 The Diameter of the Nylon is 2.80 I will be using Cura
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