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  1. I myself bought a terrible filament from reprapworld.com - small spools - much tension, and later after the filament started to just crack into small pieces. Heating up the spool in an oven releaved the tension, but made the filament even more wavy, it caused some jams, it was hard to pull the filament from the bowden by hand. And I bought 10 kilos from them, nevermore. But I found a good and reliable way to resolve this issue. I have an aluminum cylindrical pot, with a comparable to spool diameter, 25 cm tall, what I do is wind the filament onto the pot, fix it with tape and heat in oven 50
  2. 4) http://www.plastic2print.com/eu/flexible-polyester-filament-shore-40d-0-5kg.html Haven't tried this yet...thinking of ordering Comes in 40D and 45D shore hardness I've just printed half-life logo in 45D shore black filament with 235C and 105 flow with retraction, 35mm/s, worked very nice, layers bonded very well (prev. attempt 220C, 100 flow, printed ok, but layes bonded badly, destroyed during stress test with hands). Later on will try to print 50mm/s and 15-hour print. Big thanks to my good friend Omar, who supplied me with this filament.
  3. I think that moving nozzle up immediately after pause is hit (with retraction) and back after resume would suffice.
  4. So, In other words, while having direct drive upgrade, I just need to buy gt2 pulleys with 5 mm bore and 6mm belts?
  5. Thanks for replies This is not a problem anymore, a solid click of mem.card inside Ulticontroller solved this issue =) But also reinserting the card while this happening and hitting continue print sometimes solves this =)
  6. I have the same problem now, but I'm using ulticontroller. It switches to card removed in midprint and stops.
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