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  1. I don't know what PWM-frequency is actually used, but it should be possible to use a very low one for the PID of a heating system, like a few Hz (5 - 10), because the time constant of the heatbed system should be quite large. And a low PWM-frequency should have a lot less impact on the EMF. For example many soldering stations etc. use that kind of very low frequency PWM for their PID temperature regulation. Best regards Neni
  2. Hi, if you have loosen the screws holding the y-motor, it will not have enough force any more to move the y-axis, because the short belt will be slightly loose too (it will just slip, when the motor turns). I too had the problem with the partly stuck y-axis (hard to move by hand), when i received my UM2 (along with some other common assembly issues), and it was getting even worse after some prints until eventually a loud squeeking noise appeared (which i could localize at the y-motor) and i was having the layer shifts in y-axis too. I had to unmount the left metal cover and the y-motor. The
  3. Bezüglich Drucken von Schaltungen direkt auf versch. Oberflächen könnte dieses noch recht interessant sein/werden.Allerdings sind bisher kaum Angaben vorhanden, welche elektrischen Eigenschaften (Leitfähigkeit; Isolationswiderstand zwischen Leiterbahnen; Spannungs- und Stromfestigkeit etc.) und welche Auflösung auf versch. Oberflächen erreicht werden kann. Gruss Neni
  4. Yes absolutely , all i can say is also to not loose patience. They're really trying everything to keep on track i think. And if you ask politely about the state of your order, they will surely try hard to give you all the info and help you out. At least for me that was the case. I got an answer to my support ticket today, that my order will ship today evening . And just half an hour ago i got my shipment notification from logistics, so i should get my UM2 early next week . So don't loose faith, everything will be illuminated . Best regards Neni
  5. A heated bed has normally a by far larger thermal mass (and therefore thermal inertia) than a hotend and also the stability and accuracy of the temperature is far less critical, so a simple two point regulation is totally adequate, i think. As for the switching setup, i would go for a rather simple MOSFET design (a MOSFET, a z-diode and two resistors). Actually i'm just in the process of building my own heated bed addon for my UM original. SSRs are also ok, but it's often easier and cheaper to find a good High-Power n-type MOSFET with a very low on-resistance (minimizes power- and heat-dissip
  6. It's the same for me. I also ordered and paid my UM2 on 20th of September (order no.: R803175646) and have the state of my order still set to "Complete", "Paid" and "Ready" and no shipment notification yet. So i opened a support ticket to sales yesterday to aks, when i can expect my order to ship. I haven't got an answer yet, but i'm hoping that Ultimaker is working harder on their support side of things and i will have some insight today. Best regards Neni
  7. I'm in the same boat as you Christian. I ordered my UM2 on september 20th around 4 pm (Swiss time). I also paid with PayPal through iDeal (the other option was buggy and didn't work for me) and got a prompt transaction confirmation from PayPal (minutes from payment). But on the UM site i remember that the payment state was still on "Balance due" or something similar for several hours or even a day after payment and only changed afterwards to "Paid". Since then i'm on "Complete", "Paid" and "Ready" and eagerly awaiting the shipment confirmation. I too hoped that i'm one of the very early buyers
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